40 years of "W drodze"

The October issue of the Polish Dominican magazine
40 years of "W drodze"

"Church - like it!" - the October issue of the Polish Dominicans' monthly 'W drodze'

Printed on poor quality paper, subject to censorship by a communist regime, but striving to discover the Truth and eager to bring together people from various spiritual, social and cultural backgrounds – such was the Polish Dominican monthly publication ‘W drodze’ when it was first published 40 years ago.

The current anniversary issue is very special. There is a DVD documentary included with every copy. The issue has two front covers, one of which is a replica of the very first cover from September 1973, when Fr. Marcin Babraj OP and his team launched the periodical.

Two anniversary editorials were written by Bruno Cadoré, Master of the Order of Preachers and Krzysztof Popławski, the Polish Prior Provincial. Fr. Bruno defined the mission of ‘W drodze’ as presenting the Christian way of thinking in dialogue with human and social reality.

In a lively and frank article, Stanisław Zasada outlined its history – both the good and bad times. For example, when Fr. Honoriusz Kowalczyk OP, supporter of the anti-communist opposition, was killed in a car accident, everyone suspected the state security services. In tribute to him,‘W drodze’ wanted to print one of his poems, but the censors erased the fragment about a shepherd who gives his life for his sheep. One can also find a few recollections of editors and authors, such as Fr Jan Góra OP, Jan Grzegorczyk and Fr Michał Zioło OCSO.

The other cover of the issue introduces the main subject: ‘How to like the Church’. Fr. Wojciech Ziółek SJ says the only reason to be a part of the Catholic Church is because Christ is there.

Some Polish catholics, especially those who live in big cities, often choose not to go to their parish church but to a different one which, in their opinion, better fulfils their spiritual needs Ewa Karabin interviewed a few of these people.

Katarzyna Kolska and Anna Sosnowska ask parents and priests about children in church: is it better to bring young children to church or wait until they start to understand how to behave? Do children need liturgy tailored for them?

Fr Dominik Jurczak’s thoughts on controversies about administering the Holy Communion are valuable, because he clearly describes theological, traditional and legal backgrounds of this sacrament.

Jacek Salij OP has been writing for ‘W drodze’ since its beginnings. He is well-known for his thoroughly researched articles on difficult faith subjects. This time he writes about a strategy often used by the Church’s enemies: to specifically attack bishops.

(07 October 2013)