The Angel Has Left: Bro Juan Pablo Corsiglia

Juan Pablo Corsiglia

At a little sent-forth lunch, the Master addressed his outgoing personal secretary, Bro. Juan Pablo Corsiglia as “an angel” and the brothers agreed. The term, “angel” appropriately describes Bro. Juan Pablo, a brother who has lived at Santa Sabina for the past 5 years and worked at the general curia as the personal secretary to two Masters, Bros. Carlos Aspiroz Costa and Bruno Cadoré.

Bro. Juan Pablo is from the Province of Argentina and he came to Santa Sabina in 2007. At his arrival, he became the personal secretary of the then Master, Bro. Carlos Aspiroz Costa. As personal secretary he helped to organized the calendar and diary of the Master. He is known to work with a clean table (without files, papers etc.) in his office and the opposite was the case for the Master. However, in a matter of time, he was able to help the Master to organize not only his table but also his entire office. He continued to do this even with the new Master, Bro. Bruno Cadorè and that was why the Master described him as “an angel”.

Bro. Juan Pablo is a brother who watches out for others and seeks to please others by making things comfortable for them. In the community of Santa Sabina, Bro. Juan Pablo was the conventual cantor. As cantor he made sure the Divine Office were well prepared and prayed. He was that brother who will sit at his regular corner in the Basilica, head bent low and slanting a little to the right and with both hands holding unto his breviary with great devotion. He was the conventual cantor who would painstakingly prepare for the visit of every single brother to Santa Sabina by preparing the Office in a comfortable and convenient booklet form for the entire duration of the brothers stay. Brothers who have visited Santa Sabina have all testified to the fact that his unique booklets made it easier for them to join the community at prayer.

It is interesting to note that Bro. Juan Pablo was the secretary of his province before he came to the curia and he has since returned to that same office. This is a clear indication of the quality of the brother. The curia is already missing his presence, his personal touch on things and his gentle nature. Not just the curia but also the entire community of Santa Sabina. I consider myself the most fortunate since I directly took over from him as the new personal secretary to the Master. I inherited a very well organized office and room from Bro Juan Pablo. He went to great lengths to make my takeover from him a smooth one. As the curia and the entire community are missing his presence, am sure his province is very happy to have him back. From the curia, we are wishing him the very best in his new assignment.