Archbishop Fisher, OP : St Thomas Aquinas and Vocations

St Thomas Aquinas

Archbishop Anthony Fisher discusses St Thomas Aquinas’ teaching on vocations, particularly looking at the call and responsibility of bishops and religious. Archbishop Fisher also discusses other Christian vocations, and how someone can discern their vocation.



In this podcast:

•1:01: What is St Thomas Aquinas’ teaching on vocations?

•10:59: Is St Thomas Aquinas’ teaching on vocations simply a promotion of the mendicant orders? A historical context of the conflict about the mendicant orders.

•22:17: Did St Thomas Aquinas teach that bishops and religious are perfect?

•30:48: Can a religious also be a bishop?

•38:05: Are there similarities between the episcopal (bishop) and religious vocations?

•42:21: Are there similarities between the vocations of bishop and religious, and other Christian vocations?

•46:24: How can one discern their vocation?

Archbishop Anthony Fisher is a Dominican and the Archbishop of Sydney, Australia.

The Aquinas Symposium 2017 was hosted by the Dominican Friars Australiasia at the University of Notre Dame Australia.


(19 April 2017)