Archive of Dominican Journals

A Project of the Dominican Library in Caleruega
Archive of Dominican Journals

On the occasion of the Jubilee of the Order in 2016, the Dominican Library at Caleruega is hoping to complete its project of the archive of Dominican Journals. This projects aims at creating a complete archive of all Dominican journals of all languages published in every part of the world by all entities of the Dominican family.

Over the years, the library has been able to gather many Dominican journals. However, some of them are not complete, there are missing editions and some Dominican journals are totally absent from the catalogue. As part of the celebration of the 8th Centenary of the Order, the library wishes to give further impetus to this project.

The Caleruega Dominican Library is hereby calling on all those who are responsible for the management of libraries and/or publications of all kinds of journals of any group of the Dominican family who wishes to be part of this project to contact the Library - ( Interested person are to indicate the manner in which they wish to send the journals. The Caleruega Library can take responsibility for the cost.

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The current catalogue of Dominican Journals can be downloaded here.


(12 March 2015)