Tabularium Ordinis Praedicatorum


The Tabularium Ordinis Praedicatorum is the central depository of active and non-active documents of the Order of preachers. It has two major components, namely, the Curia Biblioteca and the Archivum Generale Ordinis Praedicatorum.


The Archivum Generale Ordinis Praedicatorum (A.G.O.P) is a special ecclesiastical archives. It has a collection of more than 500 Papal Bulls, priceless Manuscripts, the Acts of the General Chapters, the Registers of the Masters, the Records of Provinces, the Causes of the Dominican Saints, foundation of Monasteries, reports of Congregations and personal files of the brethren. The A.G.O.P is open for researchers every Tuesday and Wednesday from 9:00a.m- 12:30, then, 3:30pm-7:00pm.

You may consult the database of the archive on the link below:

Send to the archivist  the specific Series number of the documents  for verification, availability and accessibility of the archives documents. Only reserved documents will be given on the research day. (E-mail:


Avvisi per Estate 2017

L'Archivio Generale Ordinis Praedicatorum è chiuso dal 22 - 31 agosto 2017


The Curia Biblioteca is a special library with a unique collection of published materials mostly by the brethren of the Dominican Order. It has an area for the Rare Book Collections of acclaimed Dominican authors. The Curia Biblioteca is open from Monday to Friday from 9:00am-12:30nn, then, from 2.30pm-6:00pm.

Avvisi per Estate 2017

La Biblioteca è aperta per tutta l'estate 2017.