The basic Dominican Family in Zambia is complete

fr Emmanuel Taiwo, op

The Dominican contemplative nuns anticipated a very special Christmas when the first Dominican friar arrived in Kabwe Diocese, Zambia in the person of fr. Emmanuel Taiwo, OP on 8th of December 2016, the great Solemnity of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception. Three days later on 11th December, we welcomed our Brother for a lunch and an interesting fraternal sharing. Our anticipation of a special Christmas was indeed blessed. Our celebration began with Christmas Midnight Mass and lasted till Tuesday 27th December after Mid Afternoon Hour of Office when our Brother left for his temporary residence. The Breaking of the Word and Bread were indeed tangible. The sharing of the meals and Recreations had added joyful blessings with them.

Our Brother Emmanuel is the first Dominican to step in Zambia for a foundation as far as we know. He is soon to be followed by two companions after setting the ground level with the preliminaries. The Dominican Brothers are coming from St Joseph the Worker Province, Nigeria and Ghana. Indeed God`s time is always the right one. Dominicans Friars have been awaited by the Dominican Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in Zambia since 1924 and by the Dominican Nuns since 2013. At last, the basic Dominican Family in Zambia is complete. We look forward to the birth of the rest of the family members as time moves on.

Our Brothers immediate work in the Diocese is the Shrine of Our Lady that will not be far from our Monastery. Indeed the closeness in working together in our preaching ministry of the Nuns and Friars from their origins is coming to birth in Zambia. We heartily thank the Bishop of Kabwe, Rev. Bishop Clement Mulenga, SDB and the Dominican Friars of St. Joseph the Worker, Nigeria and Ghana who have heard the voice of the Lord like Mary did for the presence of the Friars in Zambia.

We invite you to join us in the blessings of the Lord with prayer that our mission in Zambia will be fully directed by the Lord and will be pleasing to Him for the salvation of His people.

A very Blessed Christmas and grace filled New Year 2017!

Dominican Contemplative Nuns, Kabwe, Zambia


(5 January 2017)