Blessing of the New Monastery of Dominican Nuns in the Diocese of Dassa-Zoume, Benin Republic

Monastery of Dominican Nuns in the Diocese of Dassa-Zoume, Benin Republic

On Friday July 11, 2014, the feast of St Benedict the legislator of monastic life; a new Monastery was blessed for the Dominican Nuns, in Bogoun, a village about thirty kilometers from Dassa in Benin Republic.

This new monastery is a foundation of the monastery of Our Lady of Peace of Rweza, Burundi. The four founding Dominican nuns: Sr Noémie MURERWA, Sr Severa NIZIGIYIMANA, Sr Rose Marie SIMAZEYOSE et Sr Languide HAKIZIMANA were installed in their monastery at the end of the Eucharistic celebration presided over by Fr Clement AHOUANDJINOU, op, from the Dominican convent of Cotonou.

Here is his report:

The ceremony began with Mass concelebrated by a dozen of priests among whom were Father Leonard AGOSSOU, pastor of Notre Dame de Fourvière Dassa Cathedral, representing Bishop Benedict GOUDOTE, Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese of Dassa-Zoumè, Father Mathieu AMONLO, Chancellor of the Diocese and Father Yves AKOVOYEKAN parish priest of St. Raphael Soclogbo, the parish under which the Sisters belong. The Mass was sung by the following choral groups: Hanye, Arigbo choirs, and theYouth Choir; it was well attended by several religious and lay faithful among whom, was King Toffon Tozé II of Soclogbo.

In his homily the chief celebrant congratulated the nuns for their endurance and presence. He based his homily on the Gospel reading of the day where Jesus said: "Whoever leaves land, family ...will receive a hundredfold." He then presented the example of the life of St. Benedict, whose feast day coincided with the celebration, he the spiritual master and legislator of monastic life. He also explained that the word of Christ is actualized in the lives of the nuns who left their native Burundi, and now receive a hundredfold of friends and the presence of the multitude of the lay faithful who attended the Mass testify to this truth.

The blessing of the monastery presided over by Father Leonard AGOSSOU took place at the end of the Mass. The structure comprises of a chapel, refectory, a living room and six bedrooms. At the end of the ceremony, sister Languida HAKIZIMANA thanked all those present on behalf of the nuns, not forgetting the various workers who built this gem, particularly the artist who made the tabernacle. This festive day ended with the fraternal meal which left the participants happy.

Fr. Clément AHOUANDJINOU, o.p.

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(31 July 2014)