The Blessing of the Office of the General Postulation of the Order

fr Bruno Cadoré, op and fr Gianni Festa, op

The 11th of September 2017 will be a date that will undoubtedly be remembered in the annals of the Convent of Santa Sabina, the seat of the Master of the Order of Preachers and of the General Curia.

In fact, after two years of intense and delicate work of restructuring and restoration of the so-called wing, "Pio V - card. Bernerio", the whole community with the Master of the Order, visited the premises and offices located in the corridor on the ground floor (one adjacent to the medieval cloister) for the rite of the blessing of the renewed General Postulation.

These are three rooms in which - starting from the large balcony from which you can admire a splendid panorama of Rome and of the Tiber below - are housed respectively the headquarters of the Postulator General, the Library and the office of the Secretary in which the current archive is kept.

After a brief presentation made by fr Gianni Festa, the current Postulator General, the fr. Bruno Cadoré, expressed his greetings and thanked fr Festa and the Secretary of the General Postulation, fr. Llewellyn Muscat, for the commitment and dedication that has been put into the reorganization of the Postulation.

To date our Order are entrusted to the Postulation about 110 causes for sainthood, part of which are from the Dominican Family and other religious institutes, dioceses, institutions, etc. Not all, of course, are still "viable" or at least still being processed. Those currently being followed and monitored are around thirty.

We want to remember, among the many, the cause of: Jean-Joseph Lataste, Marie-Joseph Lagrange, Giorgio La Pira, Frank Duff, Eleonora of Santa Maria Ocampo, José Cueto, Julienne of the Rosary, Elisabeth Bergeron, Luis de Granada, Margherita of the city of Castello, Elisabette Leseur, Teresa Ortega Pardo, Marie Poussepin, Juan Gonzales Arintero, Bartolomeo de Las Casas, Agostino Kazotic, Osanna of Kotor, etc.

The General Postulation


(16 October 2017)