Book Launch for Irish Rosary Priest

Heaven Sent. My Life Through The Rosary
Gabriel Harty

Irish Dominican, Fr Gabriel Harty, had his latest book “Heaven Sent. My Life through the Rosary” launched in Cork city, Ireland, recently by the bishop of Cork & Ross, Dr John Buckley.

For those who don't know Fr Gabriel, he has had a long and successful involvement in the promotion of the rosary in Ireland and elsewhere, being the provincial promoter for very many years. 

Fr Gabriel aims to set in his new book how the Rosary is not only a contemplative prayer but a means of proclaiming scripture - 'the Gospel on its knees' as the famous French Dominican Lacordaire once said of the Rosary.

Being autobiographical, the book gives a real sense of the story of Fr Gabriel’s life in relation to the rosary, his cultivation and devotion to it and a deep exposition of the healing and grace for all who pray this great prayer. 

A brief paragraph from a chapter entitled The Dominican Tradition of the Rosary can give us an insight into how Fr Gabriel considers the Rosary as an important means of preaching for Dominicans:

'When a Dominican is clothed with the habit, he is invested with a large rosary beads to hang from his belt. He is like an army officer commissioned with a sword of office, as was David when given the very sword with which he had slain Goliath: "There is no other sword like that; give it to me." Any good preacher of the rosary is meant to use it not only for his own private prayer, but as an instrument of his missionary work and as a weapon for salvation. There is none like it.'

“Heaven sent. My life through the rosary” is published by Veritas and can be browsed and ordered through their website:

ISBN: 9781847303585

Retail: €12.99