A Book on St Dominic de Guzman

St Dominic

The book, St Dominic de Guzman: Founder of the Order of Preachers is a work written by our brother, Fernando Vargas Jiménez, a Dominican Laity of the Province of Santiago de Mexico. The book is essential for understanding the person of Dominic, his charisma and the order he founded.

Edited is a completely new and simple format, it takes into account various Dominican authors and works on St Dominic, past and present. It is a reference work for those who wish to study more about the history of the Order of Preachers because of its extensive bibliography. It is adorned with various images, a reflection of its content and an aid to comprehensive reading and contemplation. All these is contained in its 235 pages.

This book is therefore highly recommended for its simplicity and rich content.