Brother Bruno Cadoré, first Master of the Order to visit the Island of Reunion

Brother Bruno Cadoré, first Master of the Order to visit the Island of Reunion

“First canonical visitation of a Master of the Order to the Island of Reunion". It is in these terms that the brothers, nuns and lay Dominicans expressed their joy of welcoming brother Bruno Cadoré in Saint-Denis, the Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean. The 87th Master of the Order arrived in Saint-Denis on Sunday December 20, 2015, his Socius for Africa, brother Gabriel Samba, the following day. They left Saint-Denis on Wednesday 23.

This visit had a particular historical aspect. Because in this year of the Jubilee of 800 years of the confirmation of the Order by Pope Honorius III, the 86th successor of St. Dominic, brother Bruno Cadoré celebrated the anniversary of the approval of the Order, on Tuesday 22 December 2015 at the monastery of the Dominican nuns in Saint-Denis. During the Mass we prayed in a special way for brother Carlos Azpiroz Costa, former Master of the Order, whose Episcopal ordination as Coadjutor Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Bahia Blanca in Argentina took place the same day. After Mass, the Master of the Order visited the monastery and had breakfast with the sisters. He then met with the nuns. The joy was overflowing. Pictures and the guestbook will keep the memory of that memorable visit.

With the brothers, the Master of the Order had community meetings and individual interviews. He visited the places of apostolate of the brothers and made a courtesy visit to His Lordship Gilbert Aubry, Bishop of Saint-Denis. On the evening of December 22, three events marked the Golden Jubilee celebration of the eighth centenary of the confirmation of the Order. First, the meeting of the lay Dominicans with the Master of the Order at 5pm, in the Don Bosco parish hall of the Cathedral of Saint-Denis entrusted to the pastoral care of the brothers. The laity wanted clarification on critical issues discussed at the Synod on the family to which brother Bruno had taken part. Second, the solemn Vespers in the Cathedral at 6pm, in the presence of Bishop Gilbert. Third, the talk of the Master of the Order at 7pm, with more than a hundred guests in Don Bosco’s hall. Brother Bruno spoke of the Order and its mission today which consists in being "at the service of the conversation between God and his people." He then stressed the importance of preaching, which is rooted in contemplation lived through prayer, study and fellowship. For the Master of the Order, the challenge and priority of the Order today is "the door (la porte) and the reverse (l'envers)." The evening ended with a fraternal meal served to all the guests, in the garden of the presbytery of the Cathedral where is the priory of the brothers.

It should be noted that before arriving in the Reunion Island, the Master of the Order who was coming from the canonical visitation to Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, stopped in Madagascar. This short 24-hour visit (the first of a Master of the Order) was of great importance in view of the desire of the Order affirmed by the General Chapters, to see the province of Toulouse already present on the Reunion Island, to found in Madagascar where the brothers provide specific missions. The Master of the Order and his Socius for Africa were warmly welcomed in Antananarivo by brother Christophe Randriambolona (from Madagascar) who came from Saint-Denis, the Dominican Missionary Sisters of Delivrande who came from Antsirabe in central Madagascar, and the Lay Dominicans. During this brief stay, brother Bruno spoke with the sisters and the lay Dominicans. He also met with the rector of the Catholic University of Madagascar and his team, the secretary of the Archbishop of Antananarivo (himself being indisposed for health reasons). He also visited some places including Akamasoa village of father Pedro.

fr. Gabriel Samba, op.


(28 January 2016)