Brother Eloi MESSI METOGO, OP is no more!


The Provincial Vicariate of Equatorial Africa (VAE) is in mourning. Brother Eloi MESSI METOGO, OP, passed away on Sunday, October 15, 2017 around 4:30 AM, after illness, in Yaounde, Cameroon, at the age of 65 years. His funeral will take place on 2 and 3 November 2017 in Yaounde.

Sub-Prior of Saint Dominic priory of Yaounde, Brother Eloi was the eldest of this Vicariate of the province of France, consisting of three countries: Cameroon, Republic of Congo-Brazzaville and Central African Republic.

Brother Eloi Messi Metogo was born on April 10, 1952 in Oman I in Bikok commune, Central Region of Cameroon , not far from the departmental town of Mbalmayo and Yaounde, the capital of the country. After his studies at the minor seminaries of Akono and Mvolyé (Cameroon), Brother Eloi joined the Order of Preachers and made his first profession on October 1, 1973. On October 2, 1976 he made his solemn profession at Saint Dominic priory, Elig Essono, Yaounde. Ordained deacon on 3 March 1978, Brother Eloi Messi received the priestly ordination on December 13, 1980 in Bikok.

Brother Eloi Messi Metogo was among the pioneers of the Inter-Africa (IAOP) of which he was the 2nd Coordinator, from 1981 to 1985 (after brother Liboire Kagabo). The teaching of theology was the principal form of his preaching as a Dominican, even as parish priest or the different responsibilities he assumed. He liked to share his passion for theology and scientific rigor with the younger brothers he mentored as tutor. He had just retired from the Catholic University of Central Africa (UCAC) in Yaoundé. Africa, the Church and the Order of Preachers have lost a punctilious theologian.

"Can God die in Africa?" Never, never ever! Brother Eloi, the Dominicans in Africa will continue to deepen the issue of "religious indifference and disbelief in black Africa", at this particular moment where the General Chapter of Bologna (2016, n ° 145-150) is inviting us to be attentive to religious indifference in our world today.

May Christ in whom you have believed and taught to many generations, welcome you into his Kingdom and let the light of the resurrection and endless life, shine on you.

Enter into the joy of your Master.

fr. Gabriel Samba, op


(19 October 2017)