The building of the new Dominican Monastery of Kabwe-Zambia has started

Dominican Monastery of Kabwe-Zambia

Many have been wondering; What has become of our Dominican contemplative nuns who left Senekal in South Africa to relocate in the Diocese of Kabwe, Zambia since August 19, 2013? Sr. Joyce Gabriel, Vicaress of this monastery in the course of its new foundation is pleased to update us on the life of the community and the building the new monastery that has already started.

Dearest sisters, brothers and friends,

Much greetings from all of us in Kabwe. It is my hope and prayer that the Good Lord is keeping you all in good shape. If not, then know that you are not alone as we remember you all in our prayers.

Back in Kabwe we are all well. I apologize for my delay in updating you of our progress as a new community but I believe you understand that being new means also being confused. Much has happened since our last letter and I thought of briefing you as your prayers are always of great support.

Since August last year there has been movement in and out, one of great benefit to our sisters and the community at large. Early August 2014, Sr. Maria Dolorosa had the opportunity of attending a course on Administration at Kalundu Study Center and in December, Sr. Joyce Rita attended a course on Finance Management. We are grateful to God for the opportunity offered for the African sisters by ASEC (African Sisters Education Collaborative).

Early December 2014, we received the approval from the Kabwe Municipal Council to begin the construction of our monastery, unfortunately we could not begin immediately because the rains expected in October were also approved by God at the same time. This was also joyfully received because famine was predicted in the country. New Year renewed our hope every day for a better future.

As you all know from our previous news, our temporary habitation though expensive is not conducive for a contemplative way of life. It is with great joy that our contractor announced that he would begin clearing the bush despite the rains. Again man proposes but God disposes. Zambia was due for presidential elections on 20th January 2015. Fearing insecurity, no company was willing to part with their machines. With this, our worries and prayers were at war with each other and finally early February prayer won the battle and in six days all the trees in our land were on the ground. Since then, work of clearing and levelling the site has been going on.

The contract is for one year. God willing we hope to be in our new monastery by March next year. At the moment we are building the novitiate, professed dormitory and few work rooms, and the rest of the buildings will follow as Providence stretches his hand towards us. Young people are getting to know us and we are receiving applications of those wanting to see us more closely. We thank you for your prayers and implore you to continue so that God’s praises may resound in this part of the world.

We are in a very new diocese where the Bishop has no residence or official cathedral and therefore we cannot hope for any financial assistance from the diocese. Please pray that we may get willing hearts to help us complete our monastery. Many people are longing for a quiet place. Retreat house is our next place of concern. If you wish to help us with anything, do not hesitate to contact us.

Sr. Joyce Gabriel, O.P.


(10 March 2015)