Canonical Visitation of the Province of Queen of Martyrs, Vietnam




Br. Bruno Cadoré, together with Br. Alain Arnould and Br. Gerard Timoner, did a canonical visitation of the Province of Queen of Martyrs, Vietnam from March 30, 2019 till April 15, 2019. The Master, however, had to defer his arrival in the country as he needed to attend the meeting called by the Holy See to discuss the revised draft of the Mutuae Relationes---  an important duty he did for and on behalf of the Order and, to a significant extent, all religious men and women.


The Province of Vietnam has 426 brothers who apply their manifold talents and gifts in building the Church: teaching in schools of philosophy and theology, namely, Dominican House of Studies (Man Coi Priory), Sedes Sapientiae Theological Center (St. Albert Priory), Inter-congregational School (Mai Koi), collaboration in the formation of the Dominican Sisters at the St. Thomas Institute,  teaching in various seminaries in the country, parish ministry, ministry to the indigenous peoples, ministry to the migrants from the rural areas to the cities, boarding houses for university students, home for the elderly, accompaniment of the Dominican laity, various chaplaincies, preaching through art, etc.


Br. Bruno and the visitators also met with the other branches of the Dominican Family: the Dominican Sisters of Tam Hip, which was followed by a meeting with the superiors or representatives of the various congregations of Dominicans in Vietnam; the nuns of the Dominican Monastery of Our Lady of the Holy Spirit; and the provincial council of the Dominican Laity.


At the conclusion of the visitation, Br. Bruno expressed his appreciation for the important work of the brothers in helping build the church in Vietnam. He also thanked the brothers for their work in preparing for the forthcoming General Chapter, which, according to him, “is unique because it is the very first time that it will be held in a country whose religious-cultural background is not Christian. This tells the Capitulars that an integral aspect of the mission of the Order is the preaching of the Gospel among peoples who have not yet heard of the Word Incarnate. However, even if Catholics are a minority in Vietnam, we have in this country not just a province with one of the biggest number of friars, but also the largest number of Dominican Sisters and Laity --- the entire Dominican Family in Vietnam is more than 120,000, majority of whom are non-ordained. This means that Dominican preaching in Vietnam is predominantly lay. This, too, tells the capitulars to look more closely into the important and indispensable role of the laity in evangelization.”