Celebrate and Share the Jubilee of the Order

Celebrate and Share the Jubilee of the Order

The Order of Preachers is going to celebrate its 800th birthday very soon!

For this occasion, it wishes to mobilize as many people as possible on social networks and you are needed to get involved.

First announcement: we are launching the official English account of the Order on Twitter: @Dominican_Order. Please follow us on Twitter and share the name of this account with everyone.  

Since joy is contagious, we invite you to complete the registration form below and to share it as widely as possible between now and the 7th November. The registration form will allow us all to share our joy for the Jubilee of the Order.

We have just a few days left and we are hoping that many people will be able to sign up and experience on social networks our joy for the Jubilee. Please sign-up as a sharer of Jubilee 800 news, events and other content and also share the registration page as widely as possible!




(21 October 2015)