Celebrating 75 Years of Siena College, Camberwell Victoria, Austrialia

Celebrating 75 Years of Siena College, Camberwell Victoria, Austrialia

During the past week the young women of Siena College have sung the words of St Catherine’s Hymn, with great energy and enthusiasm, from St Patrick’s Cathedral to Siena College, time after time!

                St Catherine of Siena’s words resound for us today.
                That holy woman’s fire and strength will light for us the way.
                Afraid of no man, Pope nor prince, she challenged those in doubt.
                The love of God will save us all and set the dark to rout.
                For Veritas cry out with joy!
                Fear not, for truth sets free.
                The courage of our love for truth
                Will win eternity.

The beautiful Eucharistic celebration at the Cathedral was a strong beginning to a week of celebration and blessing.  The opening of the St Catherine Centre, containing the Susan Alberti Auditorium, the Albertus Magnus Library, classrooms, Art Gallery and Year 12 Centre was enlivened by a rich, deeply meaningful and often moving, ritual.  The Asperges bowl used by Archbishop Mannix to bless the original Secondary School buildings 75 years ago, was used again with a new purpose and resolve that suited new needs in new times.  Some of us will remember especially the infectious enthusiasm and joy of the student guides as they showed off their new facilities with great pride.  A book launch of 75 past students, teachers and families, an Anniversary Ball and a Music Concert completed the festival. 

Every effort was made to connect Past, Present and Future.  How delighted those founding Sisters who dared to build such a ‘risky’, architecturally rich, building during the early years of the Second World War, would have been, as they viewed the work of their equally daring descendants from heaven!  With what joy they would have regarded the community spirit so evident as Sisters, ex-students and past staff celebrated with today’s teachers and families!

Siena College is a medium sized, independent, Catholic school for girls from Years 7 to 12 located in Camberwell, Australia. It is a Catholic school in the Dominican tradition, offers young women an education which encourages them to make intelligent and responsible use of their personal gifts.

Spirit of God, inspire them now, in these gifted surroundings,
to look to the past with gratitude, to live the present with passion, to walk into the future with hope.
And so, blessed in their leaders, in an enriched learning environment,
may the young women of Siena continue to be Truth seekers and bearers of hope,
fragments of the face of God, for the next generation.

Warmest congratulations to all concerned with making such a meaningful, life-giving celebration.


(18 August 2015)