Celebrating and Meditating Together as a Community

Wahubiri Saint Martin de Porres Priory in Kisumu, Kenya

Wahubiri Saint Martin de Porres Priory in Kisumu, Kenya, celebrated both the Birth of Christ and the New Year 2015 with hearts filled with Joy and contemplation, for all the friars of the Priory believe that the Birth of Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the universe, is an exceptional gift to humanity for all men and women to live with God, work with Him and be transformed by Him. All the celebrations began with a day of reconciliation during the last Saturday of the Advent season as a preparation to the great feast of Christ’s Birth. The whole day was organized in such a way that we spent the major part of the morning by reading together in the Chapel the whole Gospel according to Saint Mark and meditate on it. The afternoon session was animated by the sisters with spirited input that will ever be remembered, for it was filled with life-giving experiences of Religious life.

Christmas: “The Word became flesh and dwelt among us”. This is a gift that increases people passion for God and passion for humanity. It is a present “sui generis” that makes people meditate more on the Book of God’s Word and the Book of God’s work. We celebrated the Christmas Vigil from 8:00 PM with some faithful living around the Priory, especially the Dominican Laity. The whole liturgy was celebrated with a great sense of togetherness and joy which we shared even after mass with all the faithful. There was mass after mass.

The Mass During the Day was also celebrated in the same spirit but with more people, particularly children. The mass was celebrated from 10:00 to 12: 30. The usual traditional Christmas hymns were sung with enthusiasm. Due to the demands in parishes around, some friars (Priests and Deacon) were invited by Parish Priests to minister to the people of God in various Parishes and Out-stations. Hence some had two masses and a couple of home visits. This also happened during the Holy Eucharist celebrated in honour of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

New Year 2015: The story of the New Year 2015 was equally insightful; both the Vigil and the solemnity of Mary, the Holy Mother of God, were celebrated with songs of joy and thanksgiving. From the prayers of the Faithful, we could hear words of gratitude to God and to many people who have, not only prayed but worked for peace in our land. We could also hear people’s humble requests for a better year 2015. We had a gathering with the Brothers of Perpetual Help in the Priory after the solemnity of Mary, the Holy Mother of God. It was another mass after mass.

The Priory also welcomed the New Year 2015 and celebrated it as an opportunity offered to the whole human race to raise our minds more and more to God from whom all blessings come from. Our hopes are ever renewed and we pray that this New Year 2015 will bring us more insights to work for the salvation of souls. We join our forefathers in their saying: You always learn a lot more when you lose than when you win.

Appreciation: Saint Martin de Porres Priory in Kisumu, Kenya, appreciates God’s blessings received through the Provincial and his Council for all prayers and thoughts, support and help. All the friars of the Priory together with the three Postulants are also thankful to God for the gift of the friars assigned to the Vicariate of Eastern Africa. Three friars from Saint Dominic’s House (Nairobi) visited us, prayed with us, ate with us and worked with us. Besides, a Dominican sister of the Sisters of Montebello from South Africa, a sister of the Calvary Sisters from Botswana, a sister of the Little Sisters of Blessed Lady from Zimbabwe and a sister of the New Evangelization Sisters from Nigeria– all studying at Chemchemi Ya Uzima (Nairobi) with John Baptist Ssemugabi, OP- spent their Christmas time with us. Being trained as formators, they found it cordial to witness to the life of Friars Preachers in the Priory. The visit of all the friars and sisters was a blessing to the Priory. We thank everyone and pray that the Lord God will keep us safe and give us strength to do his work according to his will for his Glory and the redemption of all. May the Grace of God go before us and come after us to enable us become his children. //

fr. Frederic Ntedika Mvumbi, OP, Prior


(26 January 2015)