Celebrating the Visitation with our Sisters the Nuns

On May 31st every year, DSI invites us to visit a Monastery of Dominican Nuns in our city or country

I am convinced that the best ideas emerge from meetings among peoples. This idea that I would like to share with you also stemmed from a meeting, a meeting of women: the Dominican Nuns and the Dominican Sisters of Apostolic Life. To celebrate the feast of the Visitation on every May 31st, we should visit a monastery of Dominican nuns in our city or country. Let us “visit” our sisters and nourish our being family so no one may feel lonely and isolated and so that we may share our evangelization mission from the richness of our different charisms.

One day a nun told me “being Dominican family means to feel that we are always in the company of someone”. This image inspires me and I share it so that it may encourage us to seek to meet our contemplative sisters: we propose the date of May 31st every year because of the symbol the Visitation represents for DSI.  We encourage you to creatively search for ways and means to strengthen our mutual efforts throughout the year. It may be through a call every once in a while, a shared prayer, a common preaching, a request for accompaniment and prayer for the young sisters or someone in need, through the means of communication available to us. Also, when we happen to visit other countries, let us not forget our contemplative sisters who, in THEIR PRAYING SILENCE, accompany the Dominican Family on its journey.

Happy Visitation day to all…

Your Sister Fabiola, OP