Celebration of the Jubilee 800 and Ordination in Hong Kong

Celebration of the Jubilee 800 and Ordination in Hong Kong

As part of the celebration of the Jubilee 800 of the Order, the Dominican Friars of the Province of Our Lady of the Rosary in Hong Kong and Macau had, on the Feast of Corpus Christi, on May 29, 2016, a solemn Thanksgiving Mass at Rosaryhill School Chapel, during which four of our Brothers (Joachim LI, Mariano KAI, Andreas KIM and Lawrence THE REH) were ordained priests, and another Brother (Antoninus HUANG) was ordained Deacon.

His Eminence Cardinal John Tong Hon, Bishop of Hong Kong, presided over at the ordination ceremony. More than forty priests concelebrated, together with His Excellencies Joseph Zen, Cardinal Emeritus of Hong Kong, and Stephen Tjephe, Bishop of Loikaw, and Msgr Ante Josie, Delegate of the Vatican in Hong Kong. Present also were Fr. Javier Gonzalez (Provincial), Fr Hyacinth He (Prior of St Albert the Great’s Priory in Hong Kong) and Fr José Luis de Miguel (Prior of St Dominic’s Priory in Macau) as well as the Dominican members of the three communities of Hong Kong and Macau. Some representatives of the Province from the Missions of South Korea, Myanmar, China, and the Philippines came also to accompany the relatives of the Brothers who were ordained.

The ordination ceremony was solemn, very well organized and truly meaningful. It touched the minds and hearts of the congregation. It brought happiness, tears and emotions to the parents and close relatives of the ordained priests and deacon, who had come from China, from Korea and from Myanmar. The choir, comprising the Dominican novices, student brothers and postulants, sang vibrantly and with perfection the liturgical songs of the ordination Mass. At the end some words of gratitude to everybody were delivered by Fr Joachim Li on behalf of the five ordained Brothers.

After the Mass, lunch was served to more than two hundred people, in the school Hall of Rosaryhill. Cardinal John Tong Hong had some congratulatory words for the newly ordained and to the Province of Our Lady of the Rosary in Hong Kong, after which he blessed the food. There was also a short program in which the newly ordained priests shared their personal experiences about God’s calling to follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ of announcing the Good News in the way that St.  Dominic de Guzman did.

The four newly ordained priests will continue working in their respective places of assignment.  The Chinese Fr Joachim will continue his doctoral studies in Church History at the Gregorian University, in Rome. The Burmese Fr Mariano Kai will be doing pastoral and youth ministry in Mandalay, Myanmar. Fr Andreas Kim will be doing pastoral work in Seoul, South Korea. And Fr Lawrence THE REH will continue with his studies of the Cantonese language in St Albert´s Priory, Hong Kong. Our warmest congratulations to them and best wishes for their fruitful missionary activity. 

Fr. E. Perez, op


(2 June 2016)