Christmas Prayer for Peace

Christmas Prayer for Peace

Let us pray that strength and

courage abundant be given to each of us

as we work together to heal and renew our world where

human dignity, freedom, and human flourishing prevail.


That the good that is in our hearts may day by day be magnified

and generously shared with others especially the unwanted and

unloved in our midst and those who have no place to call home;


That each of us will come to see more clearly not that which

divides us, but that which unites us;


That each hour and day may bring us closer to a greater understanding

and mutual respect for one another, not of one against another;


That the true spirit of this Christmas Season, the Commemoration of the Birth of Jesus, its joy,

its beauty, its hope, and above all His abiding love of every person who has ever been born,

may live within each of us and to those entrusted to our care;


That the blessings of peace be ours, the peace to build and grow,

to care and to comfort one another with compassion, to live in harmony

and humility with those with ideas and dreams different than our own, of age, color,

ethnicity, gender, religious beliefs, and lifestyle, so that we might pray, live

and work together and to plan our future with confidence. Amen.


 “Let us make our way to Bethlehem and look earnestly upon this Word, which has been made flesh, the immense God who has been made a little Child” (Gueric of Igny, Christmas Sermons)

Office of Health Services, Dominican Friars Province of St. Joseph - 2017


(18 December 2017)