CLIOP Jubilee Modern Songs

CLIOP Jubilee Modern Songs


From the time we are born, human beings have the inclination to sing. Even before we utter words or full sentences, we seem to be predisposed toward making simple melodies, giving voice to our young hearts. Singing expresses that which words and thoughts alone cannot. We sing in joy and in sorrow. Singing moves us in ways inexplicable. For people of faith, singing is another way for the creature to give praise to the Creator.

Jubilees celebrations are a wonderful time to sing!  We, in the Order of Preachers, celebrating our 800th Anniversary, find that singing is another way to preach; voicing hymns, songs, and canticles inspired by the scriptures, to help make the Good News come alive for people in a new ways.

The modern songs included here have been composed by members of the Order of Preachers from a variety of cultures and contexts and are being used with permission. Many of the music sheets are published as we got them, we will continue to improve the quality. For reasons of copyright the music of André Gouzes (nos. 4, 21, 24, 27, 37 and 46) are to be found on the Homepage of Bayard ADF. To find all the other music sheets, just click on the link.

May the singing of these songs assist all in our desire to praise God as together we “Sing to the Lord a new song.” (Ps 96:1)



1. Hymn of the Jubilee                                      2. A child was born in Bethlehem                                  

                                   3. A, Ti Domingo, Como Padre

4. Alleluia, Cantique Vepres Dimanche              5. Allez, Proclamer à vos frères

                                   6. Ave Maria, Mater Eucharistiae

7. Bread of Angels                                              8. Clothe me with Eternal Truth

                                           9. Come, Spirit, Come

10. Dominican Blessing                                      11. Easter Alleluia

                                            12. El Bienventurado

13. Exultet Orbis Gaudiis                                   14. Familia de Domingo

                                           15. Family of Dominic

16. Gospel Canticle of Simeon                    17. Himno Nuestro Senora del Rosario

                                                 18. Il vero volto

19. Inflamed with Contemplative Love                20. Jésus Sauveur

                                               21. Joyeuse Lumière

22. Joyful Friar                                                  23. Lord let us see your kindness

                                     24. La Sagesse a dressé une table

25. Magnificat Chech                                          26. Magnificat Latin

                                             27. Messe de Rangeuil

29. Most Pure and Lowly Virgin                         30. Mother of Mercy and of Grace

                                        31. O Dieu Trinité Eternelle

32. O Lumen Ecclesiae                             33. O Spem Miram O Merveilleux Espoir

                                             34. Petrus in Latin 

35. Petrus in Norwegian                                 36. Raise a Song in Joyful Cheer

                                             37. Revenez à moi

38. Salve Domingo Glorioso                            39. Salve Regina

                                     40. Sekvence ke sv Dominikus

41. Song for Dominic                                      42. Te Deum 

                                        43. Témoins du Christ

44. The kingdom is within you                      45. The Wedding of the Lamb

                                         46. Voici la demeure

47. We open our hearts                                 48. Wie ein baum

                                        49. You are all fair, Maria