Collaborative Dominican Novitiate


The Collaborative Dominican Novitiate (CDN) is a joint effort by the women in the Dominican Order in the USA to provide its members in initial formation with an experience of the larger Dominican Family. To date, there are 17 Dominican congregations participating in the venture.
The CDN is situated at St Louis, Missouri and its experience lasts for a span of 10 months, beginning in August until the end of June. Each year a new group of novices comes together to create its own unique experience of community with fresh spirit, abundant gifts, and eagerness to grow in the Dominican tradition.

The purpose of the canonical year in the CDN is to provide a quality experience of Dominican community life, prayer, study, ministry, exposure to and practice of preaching skills, and personal growth for the novices of the member groups. The process of this collaborative experience is intended to:

  • Offer a rich novitiate experience
  • Encourage a supportive peer group
  • Share the giftedness and resources of the congregations involved
  • Promote the charism of the Order.

This August, four novices began their canonical year at CDN: Adela-Iuliana Langa, Alexa Chipman, Jennifer (Jenn) Schaaf, and Reneé Jacqueline Hala Asmar. Sisters Joye Gros, OP (Dominican Sisters of Peace) and Megan McElroy, OP (Dominican Sisters of Grand Rapids) both function as directors at CDN. The CDN is also celebrating its 25th anniversary.