Rome, June 21, 2018

Dear Sisters and Brothers,


The Liturgical Commission has completed our meetings these days in Rome at the convent of Santa Sabina. This was the first plenary session of the Commission for this year. We would like to share with you a brief overview of our meeting:

1. Calendar of the Order: It has been necessary for some time to update the Order's calendar, which is why this process began some years ago. Currently we have finished the revision of the calendar and it is in the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments for approval. We hope that we will soon receive the approval and thus be able to continue the process of reviewing our other liturgical books.

2. Translation of the Proper of the Order in English: The Commission invited to its plenary session Fr. David Wright from the Province of St. Albertus Magnus in the United States, who is working on the revision and translation. After his meeting with the CLIOP and the Liturgical Commission’s meeting at the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, David Wright continues his work awaiting the approval of the calendar of the Order in order to make the final adaptations and present the translation for approval.

3. InfoCLIOP # 15: The Commission was presented with and discussed the draft of the next issue of the liturgical magazine InfoCLIOP that will be published soon. The theme of Issue #15 is "The Liturgical Life of the Brothers and Sisters of Vietnam". It is a timely reflection on the liturgical life in this particular context in view of the celebration of the next general chapter in the city of Biên Hòa. In addition, the Commission raised and discussed possible topics for future InfoCLIOP issues.

4. Liturgical Archives: The Liturgical Commission has an important historical archive that contains primary texts and documents for research in the history of the liturgical practices of the Order of Preachers. The ongoing work of keeping the archive updated was a focus and a source of work for this meeting.

5. Liturgical Formation Project "Laudare": The liturgical formation of members of the Dominican Family is a concern of the commission. At the request of some promoters and members of the OP family, the commission has been working on a formation resource entitled “Laudare” to assist in addressing this important need. Each issue of “Laudare” will contain a specific liturgical theme that is traced historically, theologically, and pastorally along with prayers, questions for individual or group reflection, and suggested actions. Included in each issue the reader will find what members of the Order say on each particular theme as well as related ecclesial resources on that particular theme. The first three issues of “Laudare’ will soon be available electronically.

6. The Next Plenary-November 2018: The next plenary of the Commission will be held in November. We invite you to send us your concerns or questions that you think are convenient to be discussed in it, even if you have suggestions for the next general chapter of the Order.

The Liturgical Commission OP