Commission for the Vocation of the Cooperator Brother


This commission was appointed after the general chapter of Bologna and had its first meeting in the early days of October 2017. The tasks of the commission are as follows:

1. To propose to the Master of the Order ways and means for implementing the conclusions of the Cooperator Brothers Study (2013)

2. To respond to the request of the general chapter of Bologna to prepare for the next general chapter in 2019 a text defining the identity and mission of the cooperator brothers in the Order, a text that would be suitable for including in LCO (AGC Bologna n.230)

3. To draw inspiration from the exhortation given in AGC Bologna n.129 which asks the superiors of the Order to promote a model of the cooperator brother’s vocation characterized by contemplation, preaching and study, and service

4. To propose to the Order guidelines for promoting the vocation of the cooperator brothers.

The members of the commission are:

1. Herman JOHNSON, Province of St Martin de Porres USA, president of the commission

2. Miguel Angel ESPINOZA SANCHEZ, Holy Rosary province, vicariate of Venezuela

3. Tomasz GAJ, Province of Poland

4. Fabien-Joseph HIGNETTE, Province of Toulouse

5. Daniel-Mario IBEZIM, Province of Saint Joseph the Worker, Nigeria & Ghana

6. Joseph Mai Van TUYEN, Province of Vietnam

7. Mariusz SKOWRONSKI, Province of Poland

8. Vivian BOLAND, Socius for Fraternal Life and Formation, secretary of the commission



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