Dominican family in Brazil meets at a workshop on the production and edition of videos and images
The Dominican Family in Brazil Workshop on Communication

From the May 1-3, 2015, the first gathering of the Dominican family on Communications took place at the Friars’ Convent of the Holy Family in Sao Paulo of the Province of Brazil.

This is a follow-up on an earlier initiative, a training for the friars involved in press relations which was conducted by a public relations expert, Bianca Lemonica. This workshop however, tried to enlarge this formative experience by including other branches of the Dominican family.

The workshop was facilitated by Dagmar Talga, a journalist and Janiel de Souza, an audiovisual editor associated with the State University of Goiás. The workshop was also enriched with the presence of friars who are involved in communication in the province: Father Fernando Valadares, Bother Bruno Moreira and Brother Zilton F. Salgado.

Seventeen participants from different congregations and communities - including Dominican Sisters of St. Catherine of Siena, Dominican Sisters of St. Joseph of Ilanz, Dominican Sisters of Monteils, Dominican Sisters of Blessed Imelda, Little missionaries of Mary Immaculate, Dominican friars and Holy Family parish lay members - were involved in the workshop which focused on the production and editing of videos and pictures.

The impact of this initiative may already be seen in different media channels, like Youtube and Facebook.

The second part of the workshop will take place in mid-September. This will also involve the entire Dominican family and it will focus on the use of Social Networks as a tool for corporate communication.


(06 May 2015)