Congress of Dominican Youths in Africa

DYHM Africa

African Congress (ACon) is a proposed congress of representatives of Dominican Youth Movements in different countries of Africa. It is modelled after the National Congress (NaCon) of the Dominican Young Hearts Movement (DYHM), Nigeria. The ACon is to be a gathering of the Coordinators, Instructors, incumbent national officers and elected delegates of DYHM unit groups in the country as well as DYM groups from other African countries for the sake of sharing information about our Dominican life as Youths, deliberating on them and making decisions.

The General Active Members Assembly (GAMA) on the other hand is intended to provide an opportunity for all members present to display and enhance the three hallmarks of the DYHM namely: Spirituality, Interaction and Creativity for the sake of the preaching mission of the Dominican Family.

Come July this year, by the grace of God, we would be having both the ACon and GAMA taking place side-by-side. We have already started active communication with other IDYM groups in Africa, such as Cote d’Ivoire, Cameroun, Zimbabwe, Central African Republic and Senegal. The responses received so far from these groups have been very positive and encouraging.

This grand event is scheduled to take place as follows:

•           Date: 28th July through 3rd August, 2014

•           Host: Dominican Community, Samonda, Ibadan, Nigeria.

•           Theme: Re-discovering the Enduring Treasures of Dominican Spirituality, Towards a Personal Transformation for Mission in Africa.

This meeting from the continental point of view is intended to:

a.         Fosters the growth of Dominican spirituality in Africa for the sake of Mission as lay Dominicans.

b.         Set up a regional structure for Dominican Youths in Africa.

c.         Decide the model of operation and elect the members of the African Council/Commission.

It is therefore open to all members of the Dominican Youth Movement in Africa above the age of 18years, as well as other interested members of IDYM and Dominican Family at large.

Those interested in participating in the congress would need to do their registration online on our website- Registration commences on the 24th of February and closes on the 31st of March 2014.

Each unit attending the congress would be required to present a formal report on the way they have lived out their lives as Dominicans guided by the four pillars of the Dominican life namely: Community life, Prayer, Study and Preaching; according to the SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and threat) analysis. A power point presentation would be preferred. For other African countries with more than one unit, each country would be taken as one unit. The reports are to be sent at least one month to the commencement of the congress, that is, June 28, 2014.

For comments, suggestions (especially on the program), questions and clarifications please send an e-mail to

We are most optimistic that this congress would mark a new beginning for IDYM, Africa and would enrich our lives in unspeakable ways for the Mission of the Dominican Family. Your participation is crucial! Please don’t be left out!

We would be sending more details as your questions warrant and the event unfolds. Remain blessed.

Isioma Judith Diji,
National Coordinator,
DYHM, Nigeria.
(25 February 2014)