fr. Gabriel Samba, Socius pour l’Afrique et Coordinateur de l’IAOP, fr. Paul Akin-Otiko, Conseiller pour la Vie Intellectuelle, fr. Marie-Victor Kisyaba, Conseiller pour la formation, et fr. Prudence Hategekimana, Syndic.

The Coordinating Committee of the Inter-Africa (CC-IAOP) held its first meeting from the 26th to 29th of December 2014 at St Dominic priory, Yaba Lagos, Nigeria. There were four present: fr. Gabriel Samba, Socius for Africa and Coordinator of IAOP, fr. Paul Akin-Otiko, Councilor for Intellectual life, fr. Marie-Victor Kisyaba, Councilor for formation, and fr. Prudence Hategekimana, Syndic. Fr. Mario Rui, Councilor for Justice and Peace and Dominican Family apologized; he could not secure a visa to come to Nigeria.

The purpose of this meeting was to carry out the resolutions of the Decision-making Committee which met at the end of the 12th General Assembly of Nairobi, Kenya in July 2014, to reflect on the inter-African issues raised by this Assembly, and to plan the activities of the CC-IAOP for the next three years. Following the Statutes of IAOP (Art. 9 § 3) the Committee proceeded to the election of a Vice-chair in the person of  fr. Prudence Hategekimana, and a Secretary, fr. Paul Akin-Otiko. The CC-IAOP reviewed the mains items adopted by the Decision Making Committee namely, Collaboration, Mission, Jubilee, Regional meetings, Preparation of the Mini-Summit, Statutes of IAOP. Recommendations and assignments were sifted out from the proceedings of the 12th General Assembly in Nairobi, Kenya and we examined the assignments to be done, and we planned on how to publish the proceedings (Acts). The CC-IAOP reached the following conclusions:

 a) Collaboration: The Decision-making Committee suggested to strengthen three sub-regions of collaboration in formation: 1)-Nigeria, West Africa and Equatorial Africa; 2)- D.R. Congo, Rwanda & Burundi and East Africa; 3)- Southern Africa and Angola. The CC-IAOP agreed to send a reminder through the Coordinator of IAOP to the Superiors for them to: first meet with their counsellors on the proposal of IAOP and second, the Superiors of the different entities should communicate with their group members and give a report of their meetings and the way forward during the Mini-summit in Angola.

b) Mission: The Decision-making Committee identified the areas of needs of the entities that asked for help. It was agreed that the CC-IAOP through the Coordinator of IAOP should promote, encourage and remind Superiors of the need to collaborate. This should also appear in the Afridoms, to inform and remind brothers.

c) 800-Jubilee of the Order: The Coordinator for IAOP reminded the three dimensions promoted by the Master of the Order namely : Celebration, Renewal (permanent formation), and Academic. Then the CC-IAOP came with concrete ideas and planning about the DVD, the fabric and the calendar. Fr Gabriel will write to the three brothers who have been designated for the designs.

d) Regional Meetings: It was agreed that the meeting of the Regents and Promoters of studies with the Major Superiors will take place two days before the Mini-Summit in December 2015 in Luanda, Angola. The Meeting of the Syndics of IAOP will be held in Kigali, Rwanda anytime in June and early July 2015. Fr. Prudence will specify the dates. The students workshop on communication with the Promoter for Social Communication will be planned along with their next meeting in 2017. As for the CC-IAOP and DSA meeting, it was observed that there is a good collaboration going on already. A time will be scheduled before the end of the three years mandate.

e) Mini-Summit: Because the Master of the Order will be visiting some entities in Africa in December and the Socius for Africa and the convener of the Mini-Summit will have to be with him, the following dates were proposed for the Mini-Summit: arrival will be on the 11th of December and departure will be on the 17th of December. The meeting will begin on the 12th and end on the 16th of December. The CC-IAOP worked on a provisional Agenda which includes the two first days of the meeting of the Regents.

f) Statutes of IAOP: The revised Statutes which were adopted in Nairobi have been incorporated into the original text. The final versions in English and French are now ready to be presented separately to the Master of the Order for approval. Finally, the CC-IAOP adopted the theme which was proposed by the Decision-making Committee namely: ‘The renewal of the Dominican life and mission in Africa.”


fr. Gabriel Samba, op 


(16 January 2015)