“Create bonds of communion”, fr Bruno to the Dominican Family in Brazil

Canonical of visitation of fr Bruno Cadoré to the Province of Brazil, 15-30 April, 2015
fr Bruno Cadore in Brazil

The Master of the Order, fr Bruno Cadoré and fr Javier Pose, the Socius for Latin America and the Caribbean visited the Province of Friar Bartolomeo de las Casas, Brazil. This was an opportunity for the successor of St Dominic to meet with and encourage members of the Dominican family in Brazil in their religious life and mission of evangelization and the preaching of the gospel.

For sure, fr Bruno is well acquainted with the challenges of preaching “the Way, the Truth and the Life” in different places under different socio-political conditions. In relation to his duties as the Master of the Order of Preachers, fr Bruno reflected that, “the Master of the Order is the servant of unity among all the brothers, communities, provinces and cultures”, in the Dominican family and in its various forms of expression.

In Brazil, the brothers work in 10 different communities, especially in the south-central part of the country. There are approximately 70 friars in the province who are engaged in various apostolates; teaching, university chaplaincy and pastoral care, care of parishes etc.

The Dominican Sisters of Apostolic Life are represented by more than 15 different congregations. There is also a Dominican contemplative monastery within the territory of the province. In addition, the province has a good number of Lay Fraternities and young people who belong to the Dominican Youth Movement.

The canonical visitation was an opportunity for fr Bruno to discover the different Dominican entities in Brazil, from the north of Tocantins to Curitiba in Paraná, southern Brazil. 

On this visitation, the sons and daughters of Saint Dominic (nuns, brothers, sisters, the laity and young people) had the opportunity to interact with fr Bruno. They met with him, introduced themselves, shared with him and celebrated with him. Indeed, he was delighted with what he saw.

As he mentioned in one of his homilies, the canonical visitation to the “brothers and sisters of the Dominican family is a pilgrimage around the immensity of the Eucharistic table”, around which “we do not talk about people from North or South America, people speaking Portuguese, Spanish or French, or people who are young or old, but people who are converted into brothers and sisters in Christ and who have accepted the invitation to come to his table and share his bread”.

For pictures of the visitation to Brazil, click here.


(19 May 2015)