“CTh It”: Aquinas’s Opera Omnia now available on Android App

CTh It

A compilation of the main categories of works of St Thomas Aquinas or works attributed to him are now available in an Android App called “CTh It”.

This is a basic research tool for the works of St Thomas Aquinas.

The application allow users to: read works of St. Thomas Aquinas, search them by keywords by customizable bookmarks, and by indexes all in Latin.

Users can navigate the menus in five different languages: English, Spanish, French, Polish and Italian.

The aim of the application is to provide students and scholars with a tool for basic research on Thomas Aquinas, a tool that is available offline (e.g., during seminars or lectures).

The App is available for free download at GooglePlay Store and once downloaded it is available offline

The App was designed by fr Andrzej Nakonieczny, a Dominican brother of the Polish Province with the cooperation of the staff of the Thomistic Institute in Warsaw, Poland (Mateusz Przanowski OP, Michał Mrozek OP, Michał Golubiewski OP, Paweł Krupa OP and Zbigniew Pajda OP).

This application is a part of the Corpus Thomisticum Project and the text is taken from their website. The copyright of the Latin text belongs to Fundación Tomás de Aquino (2016).

Click here for more information about this app.


(10 May 2017)