December Session on Justice and Peace, already 15 years!

Of the Dominican Sisters in Cameroon.
Dominican Sisters in Cameroon

Each year in December, the Dominican Sisters in Cameroon organize a session on Justice and Peace that also involves the brothers and other members of the Dominican Family. The December 2014 session was the 15th. Sister Dorothy Beatrice Anzie, Coordinator of the Dominican Sisters in Cameroon wants to kindly to share with the readers of Afridoms Flash, this experience of “being one in family for a common mission.”

"Taking responsibility for improving our relationships", this is the theme of our traditional session on Justice and Peace, held this year from 26 to 28 December 2014 in the community of the Dominican Sisters of Anunciata in Abom, Yaoundé, Cameroon. It was led by brother Olivier Noah, a psychoanalyst. There were 42 participants from 8 Dominican congregations including: Dominican Sisters of Anunciata (20), Dominican Sisters of Blessed Imelda (5 ), Dominicans Sisters of Santo Domingo (8), Dominican Sisters of the Presentation (1), Dominican Sisters of the Holy Family (4), Dominican Sisters of St. Dominic (2), Dominican Sisters of the Holy Angels (1), Dominican Missionaries of the Rosary (1).

After the warm welcome of the sisters and a welcoming word from Sr. Beatrice, the session began with the sharing of information about our great family of the Dominican Sisters in Cameroon: reports from the Justice and Peace session of the Dominican Sisters Africa (DSA) held from 11 to 16 May 2014 in Abidjan, Ivory Coast which was attended by Sr. Ninon Marie Dominique, Promoter of Justice and Peace in Central Africa; annual report of the Dominican youth; report of the training of the aspirants, postulants and young professed sisters; annual report of the projects of St. Martin de Porres, Dominican Hospital; Finance (inputs and outputs of the year).

The purpose of the theme of the session was to help us become autonomous, to be self-conscious, not to be people who spend their time crying or complaining about others. To achieve this emotional control, brother Olivier Noah offered us some practical steps: self-knowledge, self-awareness of one’s trauma, awareness of self-esteem, learning to forgive, building strong borders, listening to the right part of the brain which sends us heartfelt messages on our true emotions, identifying our sources of energy etc.

On Sunday 28th, after the Mass presided over by fr. Stanislas Nzitoukoulou, OP, we continued with brother Olivier who talked more about the importance of taking responsibility. We also had relaxation exercises, specifically, the body scan and visualization to provide guidance to our brain. Then he gave us a brief history of the birth and mission of CAPACITAR.

In conclusion, it is important to take responsibility in order to love, to be chaste and allow healthier distances in a lifetime team. We have to be women who stand up more to better fulfill our mission. We have made proposals to celebrate together the year of Consecrated Life and the 800 years of the Dominican Order. We shall compose a prayer which will be said by each Community, have an open day with media coverage on May 2, 2015 at the Brothers House or at the Sisters of Blessed Imelda in Mvog Ada, Yaoundé and we shall publish a newsletter. Commissions have been created for this purpose to better organize all that has been proposed.

How wonderful is it to be in family for a common mission!

Sr. Dorothée Béatrice ANZIE, OP


(20 January 2015)