"The devil does not wear Prada"

The January 2013 issue of ‘W drodze’ magazine


How to talk and preach about the devil, hell, demonic possession and exorcisms today? Editors and authors of the Polish monthly ‘W drodze’ are trying to find an adequate way between both the sensationalist and dismissive tones that can be found in the Catholic Church today.

Fr. Jarosław Międzybrodzki shares his experience as an exorcist. He tells Anna Sosnowska that being an exorcist is not ‘a ministry of success’, because one never knows how much time and prayer is needed to set a person free from demonic possession. He also states that people, even in catholic Poland, are increasingly losing their spiritual ‘immune system’. By that Fr. Międzybrodzki means simple prayers, services, crosses and little chapels built by the roads, the wearing of blessed crosses and medals.

Aleksander Koza OP talks to Dominik Jarczewski OP about spiritual battle. This aspect of Christian life is often neglected. One of reasons is’psychological seduction’ i.e. that there is no sin, only traumas, emotional wounds and weaknesses. And if there is no sin, no redemption is needed.

‘Devil does not wear Prada’ that is the title of an article by Marek Pieńkowski OP. This is a concise ‘handbook’ on the biblical and theological teachings regarding evil, hell and the devil.

A prophetic article by Marian Grabowski is also worth reading. He sees the present day from the perspective of Genesis and Revelation. For him the apocalyptical smoke which ‘arose out of the pit’ is obscuring the equivocality of rudimentary moral rules: Huge numbers of people who are not able to name killing an unborn baby as killing; Millions of movie and music thieves who are not able to call themselves thieves; Herds of lying politicians who would never consider themselves to be horrible liars...

Besides the main subject there are a number of other interesting articles in the January issue, such as:

- An interview with Marek Kosacz OP who shares his passion as a devouted mainstream school catechist in an era where religion as a school subject is strongly criticised in Poland. Fr. Marek dispells some myths and stereotypes on that matter.

- An informative and witty report by Piotr Świątkowski on the Polish custom of priests visiting their parishioners during the Christmas and New Year season.

- The World Press Photo 2012 exhibition reviewed by Zofia Marduła, with a selection of the award winning photographs reproduced in the issue.