Diaconate and Priestly Ordinations in the Vicariate of Eastern Africa

Ordinations diaconale et sacerdotale dans le Vicariat de l'Afrique de l'Est

On the 5th of April 2014, the Vicariate of Eastern Africa raised 5 brothers to the Holy Orders. There were three deacons: Bros. Pio Gitonga Akotha, Emmanuel Mulu Mutisya and Bertrand Ndjana Tsanga (from Equatorial Africa Vicariate). And two brothers were ordained priests: Bros. Leo Simon I. Mwenda and Thomas Nicholas Odhiambo. The ordination was done by the Rt Rev Salesius Mugambi, bishop of the Diocese of Meru, Kenya, at St. John the Evangelist Catholic Parish in Nairobi. Two Socii of the Master of the Order on a visit to the Vicariate took part in this celebration. They were Bros. Michael Mascari, Socius for Intellectual Life and Prakash Anthony Lohale, Socius for Apostolic Life. Brother André Adoba, Councillor of IAOP for Intellectual Life was also present.

Bro. Leo reports: “As one of the brothers who was ordained and on behalf of my brothers I must express my gratitude to God, to all the brothers of the Order but especially to our IAOP brothers for what they have helped us to be thus far. We can’t forget to thank our parents and all our family members for the support they have been giving and continue to give us in our vocation as Dominicans. A good number of our people in Africa are still opposed to the whole idea of religious life as some strange form of life that is not consonant with our cultures. But we thank God because I haven’t heard any of our brothers express any opposition to his vocation suffered at the level of his family. We thank God for the gift of families that have faith”.

“The priesthood and ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ in which my brothers and I have become sharers is both an honour and a task. An honour because we do not deserve it, and a task because it is an invitation not only to commune with Christ more intimately but also to work in the person of Christ. For us Dominicans having been called to preach Christ for the salvation of souls, the grace of ordination brings with it a configuration to Jesus the Priest and Minister, and with the authority of the Church to minister hence making our preaching more effective. We pray that we may always accept the grace of God so as to keep a burning zeal for preaching Christ and the salvation of souls, in the fraternity of our Holy Father Dominic.”

Congratulations, dear brothers! May God bless your ministry!

fr Gabriel Samba, OP

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(25 avril 2014)