Diaconate Ordination of Five Friars in Hong Kong

Diaconate Ordination of Five Friars in Hong Kong

On Saturday, 11 February 2017, Bro. Pio YU You Sin (from Korea), Br. Michael TONY, and Bro. Joseph PAKHU (from Myanmar), Bro. Bosco XIONG and Bro. Pius WANG (from China) all of the Province of Our Lady of the Rosary were ordained Deacons by His Eminence Cardinal John Tong Hon, Bishop of Hong Kong.

The Mass was celebrated in the chapel of Our Lady of the Rosary, Rosaryhill School, where the priory of St. Albert the Great is located.  His Eminence Cardinal John Tong Hon, Bishop of Hong Kong, presided at the ordination Mass that was concelebrated by twenty five priests from the Dominican communities of Hong Kong and Macau, and a few priests teaching in the Holy Spirit College Seminary of the diocese of Hong Kong and working in the diocese. Among the main concelebrants there was the Provincial of Our Lady of the Rosary Province, Fr. Javier Gonzalez, the Provincial of the Australian Province, Fr. Anthony Walsh, the Prior of St. Albert t Fr. Hyacinth He and Fr. Raymond Mi, prior of the Convento de Santo Cruz in Manila.

The Dominican student brothers of the House of Studies in Macau and the novices sang the Misa de Angelis and led the songs for the Mass and the Veni Creator and the Litany.  The families of the deacons that came from China to witness the ordination of their sons felt very happy. We express our gratitude to the families and friends of the new deacons and also to thank the Dominican Family, Dominican students, novices and postulants, benefactors and friends for their presence at the ceremony. At the end of the ceremony deacon Bosco shared the happiness of the newly ordained deacons and he thanked Cardinal John Tong. The Provincial Fr. Javier González thanked Cardinal John Tong for his kindness and protection.        

The five newly ordained deacons will continue studying and working in their respective places of assignment. Brothers Michael Tony and Joseph Pahku are studying the Licentiate in Theology in St. Thomas University, Manila; Brother Pio is doing complimentary studies in Seoul and working in youth ministry; and Brothers Bosco and Pius are completing their studies in the Holy Spirit Seminary College in Hong Kong. We wish those Brothers success in their studies and pastoral work.  

Fr. Emiliano Pérez, op


(16 February 2017)