“Dialogue as a Way for Preaching”

JRD 2009

Journées Romaines Dominicaines (JRD)

a gathering of Dominican women and men living in Muslim countries or working with Muslim communities elsewhere


Justice, Peace and Care of Creation (JPCC)

a quadrennial conference of the Promoters of Justice and Peace of the Asia-Pacific Region



“Dialogue as a Way for Preaching.”


A conference examining the role of interreligious dialogue in a world rife with fundamentalism and violence and also cooperation and mutuality

Process:  The week together will be structured around conferences, reactors, panel, group-work and sharing. Major themes are: Fundamentalism and violence as realities of our world, The Word and the words of Dialogue and Dialogue as bridge-building towards peace.


Speakers include, Fr. John Prior, SVD, Heru Prakosa, SJ, Peter Phan etc.


Date : 11 -16 August, 2014.

Venue:  CIPUTRA WORLD RESORT and HOTEL, Surabaya, Indonesia.

Language:  English and French

Cost:   The participants will be charged US 200 $ for the whole session (6 days). We are also asking participants, as usual to pay a registration fee of US 135 $ to cover additional costs. This is to be paid on arrival.


Click here for the registration form. Please complete the form and send to

Ms. Marie-Hélène Canale (francese@curia.op.org)

on or before February 28, 2014.


For further details, contact:
JRD 2014, Convento di S. Sabina,
Piazza Pietro d’Illiria 1, 00153 ROMA, ITALY
Fax : (39) 06 / 575 06 75