A Digital Forum to prepare for the International Laity Congress – Fatima 2018

A Digital Forum to prepare for the International Laity Congress – Fatima 2018

The General Promoter of the Laity, fr Rui Carlos Lopes has inaugurated a Forum to help prepare for the International Laity Congress in Fatima in October 2018.

This is his video message:


Dear brothers and sisters,

these early days of November are very important to strengthen our fraternity as brothers and sisters.
Not only in this world but also in the dimension of the communion of saints. This is the sense of the feast of the Dominican saints and deceased. You and all of your dearly deceased have been present in my prayer.
Today I want to open a forum to share our thoughts to prepare as best we can, and with a profound reflection, for the next International Assembly convened for October 2018 in Fatima, Portugal.
I propose two questions and I would like you all to participate in the forum:
1) What is lay preaching?
2) What is the meaning of commitment and profession in the Order?
It is important that the next International Assembly offers us clearer ideas on such important topics. Many times preaching is understood in a too clerical way, sometimes “preaching” means “homily” and the homily is reserved to the ordained minister. But so many brothers and sisters preach in other ways.
Second, you have all made your profession to the Master of the Order, the successor of Saint Dominic. For the Dominican brothers, the profession has a specific sense of obedience to the Master. For Dominican laity, it is totally different. But we have in common the dedication of our lives to preaching. What is the sense of profession in the Order? How does this profession help us to preach?
I ask you to reflect and share your reflections. It would be interesting for all of us.
Thank you so much.

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(25 November 2017)