Dom&Go: the international volunteers program of the Province of France

Dom&Go: the international volunteers program of the Province of France

12-14th of May 2017, a new formation week-end of the international volunteers program of the Province of France - Dom&Go - took place in the Lille priory. Future volunteers could prepare themselves for their upcoming mission while former volunteers had an opportunity to assess their past missionary experience. Four young men and six young women have been sent to Cameroon, Congo, Colombia, and Benin, three others came back from Congo and Haiti and have shared their experience with the newcomers.

Founded in 2015 in the Lille priory, Dom&Go is the International volunteers program of the Province of France. Overall, 27 young volunteers have been sent throughout the world. Jobs and destinations of those young men and women vary greatly. From Peru to Congo Brazzaville, from Egypt to the Solomon Islands, a total of 10 countries spanning 5 continents already hosted volunteers and this list keeps on expanding with upcoming missions in Benin and Cameroon.

The Dom&Go leadership team is made up of Dominican brothers as well as lay people who frequently visit volunteers on the ground and seek new missions for future candidates.

Since its beginnings in 2015, Dom&Go is based on two main principles: community and mission. Each volunteer lives in a Dominican community and shares its day-to-day life (prayers, meals). In community life, he/she finds a human and spiritual support, which characterizes every Dom&Go project. Missions are chosen according to the volunteer’s profile: it can involve teaching, communication, health services, agriculture and management. Those missions last from 6 months to 2 years.

Volunteers are men and women of 20 to 30 years old, students or young professionals, willing to live an experience of mission and cultural immersion. Dom&Go sends French volunteers in foreign Dominican communities. It also welcomes foreign volunteers in French communities. Volunteers take their vocation as young Christians in the world to heart: they adopt the Dom&Go motto: “Go & Serve”.

Two years after its launch, Dom&Go is getting quite known amongst French Catholic volunteers organizations. The number of application explodes and its notoriety grows steadily. The challenge of selection, formation and support of numerous volunteers always needs to be tackled. The Dom&Go team wants to keep the special ties it enjoys with each of its volunteers. Human and spiritual support remains the key issue to consider in order to make this personal, sometimes rough, experience a success.

The Dom&Go Team is seeking new missions in Dominican communities throughout the world. Do not hesitate to contact them!

Contact: Fr Franck Dubois, op, Director
Direction: Couvent des Dominicains, 7 avenue Salomon, 59000 LILLE, FRANCE
YouTube : Dom&Go



(19 May 2017)