Dominican Art Exhibition in Australia

Mary Horn OP (New Zealand)

In 800 years of their history, many Dominicans (nuns, sisters, friars, and members of the laity) have been involved in the Arts. All over the world, art works by Dominicans are to be found in many churches, monasteries, Dominican institutions and places where Dominicans live and work.

To mark the 800th anniversary of the approval of the naming of the Order of Preachers - the Dominicans - various artists from around the world were invited to hang a piece of their work at the world headquarters for the Dominican Friars at Santa Sabina in Rome from late 2016 through to early 2017.

Contemporary Dominican artists use a variety of mediums and techniques in their work and cover many different themes. Some works depict Dominican saints and those beatified, while others feature topics and themes a round Dominican prayer and spirituality. At the same time, other Dominican artists paint landscapes or portraits and yet others create abstract works on canvass, in sculpture or in stained glass.

Some of these works, such as those by Fr Kim En Joong OP, are now beginning to be discovered in Australia. The Korean born Dominican who lives in Paris, has won many awards for his work which are to be found in many churches, cathedrals, monasteries, and galleries in Europe. Early in 2017 an exhibition of his work will be held in the Vatican. His work has, till now, never been exhibited anywhere in Australia.

During February 2017, various groups of Australian Dominican Sisters and Friars have agreed to sponsor with ATF Press an event similar to that being held at Santa Sabina, Rome.

In five cities around Australia, works by six contemporary Dominican artists from around the world will be on exhibition for a short period in venues closely associated with the pastoral and educational activity of the Sisters and Friars in Australia.

The artists are: Sheila Flynn OP (Australia, South Africa and the UK), Mary Horn OP (New Zealand), Kim En Joong OP (France, Switzerland and Korea), Maurice Keating OP (Australia), Crist6bal Torres OP (USA), and Rosemary Yelland OP (Australia). Some of these artists are involved in the Dominican Art Exhibition being held in Rome.

Some of the original works by these artists will be on display which will be for sale. Other pieces not for sale will be available in high resolution quality prints and these may be purchased at each venue. Also on sale at each venue will be books and cards featuring art work by these artists.

Dates and venue are the following:

1.         Adelaide, as part of the Adelaide Fringe, Cabra Dominican College, Cumberland Park, from late Friday afternoon of 17 February through to Sunday afternoon of 19 February.

2.         Melbourne, Parish Centre of St Dominic's Parish, Camberwell, afternoon of Tuesday 21 February through to the afternoon of Thursday 23 February.

3.         Canberra, Australian Catholic University, Watson Friday 25 February through to Sunday 27 February

4.         Sydney, Santa Sabina College, Strathfield,the afternoon of Monday 27 February through to the afternoon of Wednesday 1March

5.         Brisbane, San Sisto College, Carina, the afternoon of Thursday 2 March, through to the afternoon of Saturday 4 March.

For further information about the Dominican Art Exhibition, please ring the curator, Mr Hilary Regan of ATF Press, on 0411876099.


(31 January 2017)