Dominican Family Day with the Master of the Order

Dominican Family Day with the Master of the Order

The OP Family day was celebrated last September 23 in the Angelicum Gym. It was a gathering of the whole Dominican Family: priests, cooperator brothers, sisters, Lay Dominicans, Dominican Confraternities and the rest of the family, wearing different habits and colors. The celebration was centered on the canonical visitation of the Master of the Order, Br. Bruno Cadoré, together with his Socii: Br. Vivian Boland and Br. Michael Mascari.

Br. Cadoré, gave an inspiring sharing on the relevance of the Dominican Family in our modern world. Everyone was given the opportunity to ask questions and voice out their concerns to him. The Master welcomed this chance to encounter individual Dominicans in their struggles and questions. It was an inspiring encounter that made everyone reflect on their roots in St. Dominic, about 800 years ago. Some gave their gifts and tokens to the Master. Photo opportunities with the Master were heartily grabbed.

The event commenced at 9 in the morning and ended with lunch. In a spirit of solidarity, everyone brought their own meals to share with the rest. There was a variety of food and sweets- in which lechon could not be missing. The community went their own ways, satisfied both in body and spirit.

By Br. Siddharta B. Chiong, OP

Master of the Order with the Dominican Student Brothers

The goal of the preachers is to serve with grace of evangelization to the Church…
…To proclaim that He is coming; to be with us, and this is the Good News to everyone.”
-Br. Bruno Cadoré, O.P.
The Student-Brothers of the Dominican Province of the Philippines gathered at Aula San Pio V, Sto. Domingo Church, Quezon City to meet the visitors from Santa Sabina, Rome: Br. Bruno Cadoré, OP, Master of the Order of Preachers, Br. Michael Mascari, OP, Socius for Intellectual Life and Br. Vivian Boland, OP, Socius and Promoter of Fraternal Life of the Brethren.
Concerns regarding the influence of social media communications, growth of an unrecognized Order of Preachers “Reformed”, friars’ itinerancy, promotion of cooperator brotherhood and the like were listened to by the Master of the Order. The two socii also shared to the Student-Brothers their experiences of asceticism as a way of preaching the Gospel. That, discipline in the work and prioritizing duties and responsibilities is a must. In addition to that, a time for prayer or solitude after the whole day’s labor is also needed. Br. Bruno Cadoré, on the other hand, reminded the Student-Brothers that it is important to be with the community and to combat the influence of technology which hinders the time shared with others. He related these statements to his life story that people inside a room suddenly become invisible when friars start using their smart phones, hypnotized by the screen, forgetting their seatmates. In line with that, strengthening the fraternal common life will help one another grow in the religious vocation.
At the end of the meeting, Br. Rambang Ngawan, OP, the Decano of the Dominican Studentate, gave warm thanks to the Master of the Order and his Socii on behalf of the Studentate Community. The Sacra Praedicatio (an official logo of the Dominican Studentate for the year 2017-2018) shirts were given as a token to the visitors from Santa Sabina, Rome. Blessings, smiles and fraternal embraces were shared by the brethren after the event.
By Br. Vince Stanley B. Iñigo, OP


(13 October 2017)