From a Dominican Friar in Iraq: Open Letter to the conscience of the world and to each holder of responsibility to humanity

A Church in Iraq

The peace of Christ be with you

The book of Genesis tells us in the seventh chapter about the flood and how this natural disaster has nearly exterminated the inhabitants of the earth. Of course, we are very far from that event and we cannot imagine the emotions of people in the world at that time.

This huge night of flood was, perhaps, similar to Hurricane Katrina in 2005, which caused a lot of material and human damage. But unfortunately when disaster comes from barbaric political projects, the result could only be worse.

Today, the valley of Nineveh is emptied of its inhabitants. Christians have been driven from their homelands without reason and without mercy. Religious affiliation in Iraq has been very costly since the regime collapsed in 2003. Being a Christian in Iraq means to be a puppet in the hands of the dominant countries or rather, means today to be as in the teeth of politicians. What unspeakable barbarity atrocities which is now moving and pulling Iraqi Christians from their origin!

Faced with this inhuman catastrophe of the violent uprooting of Christian minorities, I have three reasonable options:

1.       Immediate operation and timely rescue. This could be done by constructing structures on the site and beginning to house and shelter the exiles. Money should come from everywhere to do this project.

2.       Military action by the international community to free the city of Mosul and Nineveh Valley.

3.       Opening the doors to mass immigration could be a solution to save those who bent on remaining faithful to their Christian faith. If not, what will happen to small minorities in this dramatic moment?

Your brother in Christ Jesus

fr Majid, OP


(14 August 2014)