The Dominican Habit, “a sign of purity and simplicity”

The Dominican Habit, “a sign of purity and simplicity”

On Saturday March 28, 2015, eve of Palm Sunday, six novices received the habit of the Order of Preachers at the priory of St. Dominic, Cotonou, Republic of Benin. The clothing ceremony took place at 7:30 pm, during Vespers. It was presided over by brother Joseph AMEKA, sub-prior of the priory.

Brothers Franck Martial AHOUADA and Damien Gbainakpon ASSOGBA, from Benin Republic, Théodore AZIABA, from Togo, Marius TANO and Marcelin ETTIEN, from Ivory Coast, are, all five, sons of the Vice Province of St. Augustine in West Africa. Brother Gilles Odilon TAYUE WABO from Cameroon, belongs to the Provincial Vicariate of Equatorial Africa.

After the reading of the Word of God, brother Joseph gave an exhortation, in simple but very profound words, on the spirituality of the Dominican habit. He reminded the novices that we do not wear the Dominican habit “ for being seen”. The Dominican habit is a sign of purity and simplicity, he explained. Thus in receiving the habit, the novice brothers receive a rich and ancient tradition that they must assume with the grace of God.

After his exhortation, brother Joseph AMEKA gave the Dominican habit to the novices. Helped by the older brothers present, the novices put on the habit of the Order, a sign of their belonging to the Order of Preachers. At the end of Vespers, all the older brothers welcomed the novices fraternally with hugs and words of encouragement. The many faithful who came to attend the ceremony also congratulated them. All dressed in white like angels, the novices were brimming with joy and pride. With photographs they immortalized the event to which they had been looking forward for the past six months.

It should be noted that from 3 to 7 November 2014 the six novices had an inter-novitiate workshop together with the novices of the Roman Congregation of Saint Dominic (CRSD) of Parakou. This workshop which took place at St. Dominic Priory, Cotonou, was led by brother Gilles SOGLO, prior of the priory. It was focused on "The history of the Order of Preachers." Brother Gilles urged the novices to be true guardians of the Dominican tradition, and to make their communities places of communion among ourselves and with God. Because it is in the human being taken in his uniqueness and in his freedom that the search for God is possible, we must allow ourselves to be configured to his Son Jesus, brother Gilles said. The novices expressed their gratitude to brother Clement AHOUANDJINOU, the novice master, and to sister Ysabel BARROSO, the novice mistress, for this initiative.

The novices


(13 April 2015)