The Dominican Movement of Families in the Roman Province

The Dominican Movement of Families in the Roman Province

The Dominican Movement of Families (DMF), founded in 2011, is part of the Dominican Family as recognized in 2013 by the Provincial Chapter of the Roman Province of St. Catherine of Siena.  The DMF intends to offer to all the families the ability to interpret and gradually establish their conjugal and family experience in the light of the Gospel through the wisdom and experience of the Dominican lifestyle; it aims, at the same time, at enriching the Church, the community and the contemporary civic society through the experience of marriage and family.

The idea came on the occasion of the National Dominical Youth Day on April 30, 2011.  There was a need that needed an urgent response: how to follow in the future the young people who gathered at our convents?  Thus a method of accompaniment in the growth was developed, through marital-family vocation, notably: the Dominican Movement of Families.

From the organizational point of view, it was conceived as a very agile structure mainly rooted in a network with its own internet website (now under construction) and a monthly newsletter. Membership of the movement takes place by sending an e-mail address and is open to any person independently of his religious or ideological affiliation, as the original sense of the words “family” and “Dominican” means universal openness to all human beings.

The Movement also organizes a summer Dominican Week for families, which combines specific marital-family training, a holiday at a sea resort and various cultural insights.

The mere fact of sharing for a few days the same house, following a daily schedule similar to the monastic life’s - as far as this can be possible for families with numerous little children -  invites spouses, brothers, sisters and children to see themselves and be perceived in a new way: in a ‘familiar’ way.

The monastery location is very attractive to the children: the cloister, the terraces and the refectory appear fascinating to the eyes of those who instinctively admire life in general.  Also, for the consecrated, the proximity of spouses and parents with children revives the awareness of the importance of the “family” as an instrument of communion and mission:  to be at the service of people who mostly live…in families.

n addition to this first-hand experience of contacts and mutual understanding,  the movement wants to offer the opportunity to interpret its own state of life in the light of the lifestyle of the other state of life. To this aim, the main features of the Dominican spirituality - democratic government, preaching, study and liturgical life – are proposed as a marriage and family life mode.

For three years, at the Dominican Monastery of Santa Maria della Neve e S. Domenico, the DMF has organized seminars for families, focused on the nine chapters of the letter of Pope Francis ‘Amoris Laetitia’. The meetings will take place from Saturday lunchtime to Sunday afternoon and will be animated by a married couple, a nun, a sister and a friar.

For 2017, the meetings will have the following schedule:

4/5 March

“In the beginning it was ‘falling-in-love’: risking the future for love”


Ilaria Delicati and Francesco Maiorca (Presidents of MDF) Sr. Jaqueline Richard op



6/7 May

“The realities that concern us are challenges”(Amoris laetitia, 57) Synthesis between tradition and modernity


Sonia Cannas and Stefano Galletta – Fr. Christian-M. Steiner op


3/5 November

The eyes on Jesus: the family vocation


Raffaelangela Pani and Andrea Mameli -sr. Tiziana C. Caputo op

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(20 January 2017)