Dominican Mysticism from Caleruega

Dominican Nuns

Dear Sisters and Brothers, with this report I would like to share with you the experiences we had in Spain from the 23rd to 27th of June 2012 on the course about Dominican Mystics. The course was organized by the Promoter of the Nuns – Fr. Brian J. Pierce, OP with the three Federations of Nuns in Spain. It was open to participants from all the monasteries of Spain. The venue that was chosen to celebrate this course was Caleruega, the birthplace of our father Dominic. The course was given by fr. Brian J. Pierce and Sr Silvia Bara Bancel, OP, sister of the Roman Congregation of St Dominic, who is specialized in Rhine Mysticism.

The participants arrived on the 23rd afternoon. We were 75 sisters from different monasteries of the three Spanish federations. I must mention the presence of the Common Novitiate of the Federation of Our Lady of the Rosary and some sisters from Chile who belong to the Federation of the Immaculate. They had come to Spain to participate in the Federal Elective Assembly which was held between May and June.

The course consisted of two talks in the morning and two talks in the afternoon, interspersed with group works and breaks. There were two important moments for prayer were; in the morning with the celebration of the Eucharist and Lauds and in the afternoon with Vespers and private prayer with the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. This timetable did not permit us to get bored at all.

Thanks to the path taken, the experience is of great joy and richness for all because of the time we were able to share. For this reason the group works and moments of fraternal sharing created a communion among us all. In the groups we talked about different topics; the situation of the monasteries, the experiences of vocations and we commented on the texts about the Dominican Mystics that had been prepared in a notebook by the Federal Prioress of the Federation of the Immaculate.

During the course we lived different experiences. The novices added charm to the recreation with different dances, guitars and African drums. The sisters of the Roman Congregation of St. Dominic, who were having a formation course at that time, joined us in one of the recreations. We also had a moment of intense prayer at the well of St. Dominic with Dominican songs and of course we drank some water from the well. We made a procession to the Parish of St. Dominic where fr. Basilio, OP, the parish priest of Caleruega, encouraged us to live the grace of our baptism. We enjoyed listening to the faithful of Caleruega singing songs about our father St. Dominic. At the end of the course we visited the monastery of Lerma and the sisters welcomed us with snacks. We lived a special moment listening to the music of “The Mission”, etc…

The experiences were sources of abundant graces which encouraged us to go on with our mission of the “Holy Preaching”. At the end, we wish the experiences would enable us to deepen ourselves in the charisma of our Order, our knowledge of Dominican mysticism and also sustain us along this path. Thanks to all those who made this possible.


-A participant