Dominican Saints


Theologian, missionary, mystic, reformer... the vocation of the Preachers can blossom in so many ways in it's double fidelity to the Word of God which proposes Salvation and to the world to which this Salvation is proposed! Apparently there are no bonds between these characters who lived at times, in contexts and with concerns so different from one another. This bond however exists... It is the bond of a common vocation of preachers of the Gospel of Christ, carried out variously according to the places, the times and gifts' of the brothers and the sisters, and lived in a similar balance between permanent elements (proclamation of the Gospel, prayer, study, conventual life...).

" is characteristic of the Order to renew itself courageously and to adjust itself to these circumstances by discerning and testing what is good and useful in mankind's aspirations and by introducing the results into the unchangeable harmony of the fundamental elements of its life". (Fundamental Constitution No. 8)

What the members of the Dominican family try to do today, their predecessors carried it out before them. Some succeeded. A few amongst them are presented here.
  • Agnes of Montepulciano (Saint)
  • Albert the Great (Saint)
  • Bartolome de Las Casas
  • Catherine de Ricci (Saint)
  • Catherine of Siena (Saint)
  • Fra Angelico (Blessed)
  • Henry Suso (Blessed)
  • Hyacinth (Saint)
  • Hyacinth M. Cormier (Blessed)
  • John and his companions Cologne (Saints)
  • John of Cologne - Gorkum (Saint)
  • Jordan of Saxony (Blessed)
  • John Macias (Saint)
  • Holy Martyrs of Japan (Saints)
  • Holy Martyrs of Vietnam (Saints)
  • Louis Bertrand (Saint)
  • Margaret of Hungary (Saint)
  • Martin de Porrès (Saint)
  • Peter Martyr (Saint)
  • Pier Giorgio Frassati (Blessed)
  • Pius V (Saint)
  • Raymond of Capua (Blessed)
  • Raymond of Pennafort (Saint)
  • Rose of Lima (Saint)
  • Thomas Aquinas (Saint)
  • Vincent Ferrer (Saint)
  • Zdislava of Lemberk (Saint)




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