DOMUNI: An International Dominican University


A quadrilingual university: French, Spanish, English and Arabic

Domuni has been delivering its academic programmes in French and Spanish since January 2013. The English track was launched on 15 October 2013 and the development of courses in Arabic is also in progress.

100 professors
The backbone of Domuni University is its truly international faculty, a network of professors from   Europe,   America,   Africa   and   Asia.   Most   of   the   professors are Dominicans who are engaged as lecturers around the world: in Baghdad, Washington, Paris, Rome, Brussels, Dublin, Toulouse, Toronto, Cambridge, Lyon … in Haiti or Africa.
2,000 students
Students from all continents are currently enrolled at this quadrilingual university. They live in various countries, including Japan, Tajikistan, Haiti, the United Arab Emirates and Bangladesh. The number of students has grown significantly since the university’s founding in 1998. Almost 1,000 students are enrolled in one of Domuni's degree programmes, while the same number again is studying for the purpose of ongoing personal development.

The university delivers 100% of its courses and programmes online. This gives everyone, regardless of their personal or professional circumstances, the opportunity to study for canonical or civil degrees. Registered candidates are provided with access credentials to Domuni's e-learning platform, which is powered by Moodle. Upon entering, they are invited to introduce themselves and get to know their fellow students and professors. This will actively engage them in building a community within this virtual university environment.

A study and research community
Students access the courses for which they are registered through Moodle. On this e-learning platform, they can read and print their course materials, take quizzes, submit assignments, and contact their tutors with any pedagogical queries that they may have. Semester final exams are offered in an exam centre near the student’s own home. There are no residency requirements: students can pursue their studies from anywhere in the world.

The degrees in philosophy, theology, religious sciences and social studies are awarded by Domuni University and issued in association with the Pontifical University of St Thomas (Angelicum), Rome and the University of Lorraine (French State).

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Enrolling in an online programme with Domuni University allows students to study from home and at their own pace. It is particularly suitable for those who have never had the opportunity to study, be it because of their busy schedules or long distances to traditional universities. Domuni University wishes to thank the entire faculty for their time and involvement. Their dedication makes this new evangelization possible.
Fr Michel Van Aerde op
General Director


A Message from the Director of the Spanish Speaking Section
Domuni has reached another significant milestone in its development by becoming an international, multi-­‐lingual Dominican university. Its academic staff, including our faculty,  are  now  able  to  teach  in  virtually  every  part  of  the  world,  relating  across cultures and nationalities. We value the cultural diversity and the plurality of languages.

Following the formation of the Spanish-­‐speaking section of Domuni, the Religious Sciences  curriculum  was  successfully  incorporated  and  the  Institute  of  Religious Sciences now offers both bachelor and master degree programmes. In the coming months, we will be expanding our academic catalogue by introducing specialist courses in philosophy and theology. We are also planning to offer courses in Dominican spirituality.

Spanish-­‐speaking students come from very diverse backgrounds. The majority of our students are from Spain, Latin America (Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, etc.), and the United States. However, students from the Maghreb (Morocco and Western Sahara) are also studying with us.  There are plans to reach out to the hispanic population of Equatorial Guinea. Finally, and given the proximity of the Portuguese language, it is also our intention to enrol students from Portuguese-­‐speaking countries, especially Portugal, Brazil and Angola.

Fr Jesus Diaz Sariego op
A Message from the Administrator of the English Speaking Section
You are commited to the people you serve, people with hopes and dreams. But you might feel that you are not the right person to help them achieve their academic dreams. So how can you steer them in the right direction? How can you help them live out their dreams? How can you bring them to turn their hopes for a good university education into reality?

Introduce them to Domuni! We have an extensive range of courses and academic degree programmes featuring rich content that is based on solid theology -­‐   the Dominican way. At Domuni, education starts with the premise that our students have the potential to do something extraordinary with their lives and for the Church. And Domuni surrounds them with opportunities to tap their potential to the fullest. This fantastic opportunity is now available to English-­‐speaking students, too.

People around the world, from Antigua to the US Virgin Islands, can begin enrolling today. Our dedicated professors, over 70% of whom are Dominicans, offer a theological education that is marked by faith seeking understanding. Our advanced technology has been proven to the French and Spanish-­‐speaking  people time and again. And we have been getting English enquiries for what seems like ages. "When can we enrol?" -­‐    "We have been waiting for this opportunity for so long."

The waiting is over. The people you are in contact with every day will be delighted to know that they can apply to Domuni now and begin their studies right away. Please share this great opportunity with them. You don't want to leave them out in the cold.

Fr Raphael Beuthner
A Message from the Director of the French Speaking Section
With the Internet, instead of having people “going” to the University we have the University “going” to the people! Domuni-FR welcomes 850 regular students, preparing an academic degree (canonical and/or civil) in Catholic Theology, Philosophy or in Social Sciences and more than 1,000 free students who follow courses without validating them.

They all study at home, according to their own rhythm. They are connected on a portal for teaching, they download theirs courses, prepare their home works and program their exams. The teacher answers to the questions raised during the courses forums, the tutor follows the personal progresses of the student, and is available for difficulty in the methodology -or other- if any. 

Domuni-­‐FR welcomes francophone students (born in France or having acquired citizenship) dispatched in more than 40 countries, 60% are in Europe (France-Belgium-Switzerland) and 40% are in Africa, Caribbean or in non-francophone areas.  In this way expatriated persons can take advantage of this opportunity and follow their curriculum from Italy, Dubai, China… This diversity is the great wealth of the Domuni University, and its local anchorage thanks to the Dominican network. 

Each student represents a world, a way of thinking and living, costumes, rules, a social organization, economic stakes, spirituality… in the heart of the universal Catholic Church. The objective of the training is to offer a progressive autonomy to each student,  together with the means to assimilate and then convey in his/her turn, like a link of a huge chain.

Claire Marie Monnet op
(19 January 2014)