Doodle Auction

Radcliffe doodle charity Blackfriars Dominican

In the late 1990s, the then-prior of the Dominican priory known as Blackfriars in Cambridge, fr. Aidan Nichols OP, was persuaded by Dr Jean Grove, who worshipped in the priory chapel, to establish the 'Blackfriars Ethiopia Project'. Its object is to support the "charitable and especially educational outreach of the Catholic Church in the service of a predominantly Ethiopian Orthodox, and secondarily Islamic, population." After Dr Grove's death, The Jean Grove Trust was established to continue this work. The Trust is based in Cambridge, and it is still made up of members of the congregation in Blackfriars, Cambridge. The Prior of Blackfriars is ex officio a member of the committee who run the Trust. Visit the Trust website here: <>

This year, the Trust is organizing a Doodle Auction, which consists of paintings, scribblings, and autographs from various celebrities and famous writers. These will be auctioned to raise money for the Blackfriars Ethiopia Project. Included is this doodle from our own fr. Timothy Radcliffe OP. Some of the doodles that are being auctioned were featured on the BBC <>.