DVI and the New Vocation to the Order

Renessa ex volunteer of DVI, is now Sr Mary Magdalen
Dominican nuns of Holy Rosary Monastery and Friars of the Irish Dominican Province in Trinidad at Renessa's clothing ceremony.

Dominican nuns of Holy Rosary Monastery and Friars of the Irish Dominican Province in Trinidad at Renessa's clothing ceremony.

On Divine Mercy Sunday April 7th I received the habit of a Dominican contemplative nun officially starting my one year novitiate at Holy Rosary Monastery, Trinidad with my chosen religious name of Sr. Mary Magdalen of the Resurrection. This name has especial significance for me since reflection on Scipture passages involving Mary Magdalen, who is also the Patroness of the Order, I was moved to follow my vocation into contemplative life. Moreover, my natural name Renessa means rebirth, in keeping with the Easter themes of baptism and Resurrection.  At my clothing ceremony which took place during prayer at Vespers, there was a good attendance from our brothers of the Irish Dominican Province.

I appreciated their input in preparing me for the ceremony and participating in it. After the scripture reading, my retreat director Fr. Stanislaus gave an enlightening talk about the purpose of the novitiate. After a blessing of the scapular and rosary by Fr. Lawson, my prioress then proceeded to clothe me with them, in addition to the white veil signifying my status as a novice. She announced the start of my novitiate and my new religious name. I then greeted and socialized with my brothers and sisters in St. Dominic. Right after the ceremony I had to get used to dressing myself in my new wear, which was a source of amusement to my sisters who, when I did not get it quite right, patiently showed me how to dress myself like a dignified Dominican nun, highlighting the importance of not only the scapular and rosary, but my body gestures in carrying the habit. Wearing the habit makes it necessary that one be careful and reverent in one’s movements.

The scapular and rosary of the Dominican order has special significance. There is the account of St. Dominic and his apparition of Our Lady who revealed to him that the Rosary was a powerful weapon in conversion of souls and preaching and an account has also been handed down about Blessed Reginald, a contemporary of St. Dominic who was inspired to follow his vocation into the Order after having an apparition of Blessed Mary while he was seriously ill, with Mary showing him the habit of the Order including the scapular. My prayers continue for the DVI missions. Ciao and Easter blessings to all from your sister in Christ and St. Dominic!

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