Easter Homily from Australia


The friars in Australia have put up a video and the text of a Homily preached on Easter Sunday this year in St Dominic's Priory, Camberwell. It begins:

"Dear friends, the sun that rose on the morning of the resurrection was no different to the sun that rose the day before, water still flowed down hill, the winds took up their ordinary paths and mankind continued untroubled in its everyday pursuits, drawing again and again on its store of joys and sorrows. And since then, the self-same pattern of course repeats itself, as men and women just like you and me move by natural necessity from one day to one another, from one meal to another, from one task to another. Today, as any other day, we need to take care of our bodies, of hungers and desires that we feel clearly and insistently; we continue in our love and devotion to friends and family, and we strive to combat the weaknesses and misfortunes of our lives and the lives of others. So where does Christ, his life and his teachings, his death and his resurrection fit into all of this?"