Echoes from The Canonical Visitation in The Province of Toulouse

Bruno Cadore

From Wednesday 7 to Sunday 18 March 2012, the Master of the Order, Bro. Bruno Cadoré was on a canonical visitation in our Province. It is an exceptional moment which happens ones in an average of 5 to 10 years. The objective of such a visitation is to support the Dominican Life in the Province.

On Monday March 5, the two assistants of the Master of the Order, Bros. Vivian Boland and Bernardino Prella arrived in Bordeaux to work on various issues with the provincial. The tone was set: fraternity and serious work.

At his arrival, the Master of the Order quickly moved on to various meetings with brothers in all the convents of the Province, setting aside the communities of Haïti and La Réunion for later. He began with a long meeting with each community, in order to feel the situations and to give a feedback after all the personal meetings. Particularly, he meet with the provincial Council on Formation, the students brothers of Bordeaux and Toulouse; some members of the Dominican Family etc. On the Sunday, March 11, the Master met with different Sisters and Nuns Prioresses in Prouilhe. At this meeting, the Master raised the awareness of the importance of collaborative works between the sisters and the friars.

Numerous issues were tackled during this canonical visitation . Issues like; common life, liturgy, study, formation, the Jubilee of the Order, promotion of vocations, new evangelisation, apostolic involvements in the Church and in the world, collaborations in the Dominican Family etc. It seems overwhelming but it has to do with the richness of the Dominican life in the Province of Toulouse just as it is in all the other provinces of the Order.

The canonical visitation ended with the intervention of the Master of the Order, on Sunday April 18, at the convent of Toulouse, in front of the provincial council. This concluding intervention will be completed by a written text which will indicate some elements of reflections, giving ideas to the friars, the convents, the Dominican family on the various issues discussed

All the friars have witnessed the fraternal spirit of this visitation, as well as the deep work of our visitors, who were willing to recognize the existing good in the province and prompted us to take further steps to progress. What a beautiful Dominican Charity! It has been a grace filled visitation which will bear much fruit with time.