Elisabeth Leseur – A unique path to Holiness

Elisabeth Leseur – A unique path to Holiness

Amongst the various causes that the General Postulation of the Order has in progress, there is a unique one, that of Elisabeth Leseur (16th October 1866 – 3rd May 1914). Born of a very Christian family, her father was a lawyer in Paris. She was the eldest of five children and together with her brothers and sisters received a solid Christian education.

On the 31st July 1889 she married Felix Leseur, a son of a procurator of the Court of Reims. He was a fervent anticlerical person who assiduously frequented political circles and collaborated with the French Republic of J. Reichenach and Le Siècle, as well he entertained relations with personalities like Marcellino Berthelot and Felice Le Dantec. Having lost his faith in his youth, he took his wife on the paths of unbelief, although he had to comply with her religious beliefs on certain occasions.

From the year 1907, an illness forced her to lead an almost reclusive life, with the exception of a pilgrimage to Lourdes in June 1912. From July 1913, the illness and the suffering became severe and she died on May 3, 1914. In the course of those years that were among the most difficult for the local Church, she testified to an enlightened and active religion, centred entirely on prayer, which inspired all her actions. At the same time she showed that even a woman of the world, inspired by grace, could rise to the heights of Christian perfection.

After her death, her husband took knowledge of her spiritual diary, was deeply shocked and in 1915 returned to the Catholic faith. In the same time he became a member of the Third Order of St. Dominic, and in September 1919 he entered the novitiate as a Dominican friar taking the name of Maria-Alberto, and after finishing his studies he was ordained as a priest. It was he who worked first to raise awareness of the spirituality of Elisabeth, by publishing her writings.

Click here to read the full text of the article of Ms Jennifer MacNeil from the United States. She shares her experiences of her encounter with the life and spirituality of the Servant of God, Elisabeth Leseur.

We would like to encourage all those who have been touched by the life of Elisabeth or have experienced physical or spiritual healing through here intercession to contact the Office of the General Postulation of the Order

Fra Llewellyn Muscat O.P.
General Secretary of the Postulation

(3 February 2017)