Provincial Promoters of Justice and Peace of the Dominican Friars in Europe


As the Provincial Promoters of Justice and Peace of the Dominican Friars in Europe were meeting in Lille, France from 27-29 June, focused on the issue of Migration in Europe, a summit of the European Council was held simultaneously to respond to the supposed migration crisis. 

1.- In the face of the agreements reached by our leaders, we are ashamed that, once again, the migration policy of the European Union focuses callously on the outsourcing, control and return of migrants and refugees. This response ignores the plight of the people themselves in fleeing their countries. 

2.- We denounce an immigration policy that does not attempt to address the causes of migration and that fails to respect the rights of migrants, as well as the relevant international agreements designed to protect these vulnerable people. We ask that the European asylum funds be used to guarantee the right to obtain refuge for those fleeing war and persecution. It is an error to create secure centres based upon the Hotspotmodel where it is permitted to detain people. 

3.- It is shameful that, at a time when arrivals to the European Union are particularly low compared to 2015, the leaders of the European Union are conveying a sense of alarm seemingly in order to circumvent legal obligations. 

4.- We propose the creation of legal and safe corridors and the need to move towards a common asylum system, based on solidarity among the member states. We are concerned that, by creating landing platforms, the European Union transfers responsibility to countries where respect for human rights is not guaranteed. 

5.- We call on the Member States of the European Union to acknowledge and re-assert their common responsibility to defend the rights of migrants and to fulfil their rescue and protection obligations.


Promoters of Justice, Peace and Care of Creation

Dominican Friars- Europe